US non-consumable, nonperishable raw materials such iron ore, aluminum, precious metals, rare earth metals, lumber, paper products, etc., shall be taxed at 5% of the Wholesale value on the Bill of Lading for export. The Export tax is allocated to the Department of National Defense Budget.
All grain harvests such as wheat, corn, rice, soybean, and refined sugar from agriculture receiving annual subsidies from the US Department of Agriculture for more than (5) five years consecutively, will be taxed at 2% of the Wholesale price, per standard pallet or container unit upon export.  If the exportation in bulk is purchased by Foreign subsidiaries of American owned Companies, then a 5% tax is levied on all Bills of Lading. The only exception is exclusive trade agreement with Foreign Government as called for International Trade Agreements notwithstanding. These taxes are allocated to maintain ports and freshwater systems across states.  
The trigger for any of these taxes is simple. Once any product is harvested in a container, mined, excavated, weighed for distribution and palletized or containerized for delivery domestically or internationally, the respective charge is applied to the Bill of Sale or Bill of Lading.
NOTE: All consumable organic fruit produce such as apples, oranges, grapes, oranges, and vegetables: lettuce, asparagus, tomato broccoli, rice, corn, wheat farmed in the USA for Domestic consumption is tax-free. This product includes all processed packaged food to market.  Milk products are also considered consumable raw material and thus tax-free at Wholesale and Retail.