Copy Cat Tax


Copy Cat Taxes are duplicative [1%] one per cent invoice taxes throughout the Factors of Production on material goods, product, and services paid by vendors. Copycat taxes are allocated to specific departments of the federal budget.            
The Federal Government will be funded solely by a cumulative 10% Invoice Tax to replace the Progressive Income Tax. The State Governments will continue funded with a maximum 7% wholesale vendors tax to retailers. The individual States Department of Revenue will collect the Copy Cat Taxes and 7% merchants tax equal 17% of total consumption taxes. Both forms of tax will be itemized separately on all Commercial transactions of material product through the manufacturing to final retail sale. The 'Invoice Tax' refers to these copycat taxes in language lexicon.  
As the product is assembled throughout the factors of Production or in the Manufacturing and Assembly process, there will be a Tax per invoice as vendors and sub contractors participate in the Production to the point of sale to the end Consumer.  The trail of Tax begins as raw material providers supply to sub contractors to brand Manufactories to Wholesalers, all the way to the Retail sale. The total invoice tax cannot exceed 17% to the Consumer.  
"If there is an invoice, there is a tax." An additional 3% Manufacturer's tax is applied to the final product at the Wholesale level for all Imports from American Companies that assemble abroad. It is reduced by 1% if the final product contains more 50% of it parts are American made.  
Throughout the raw material excavation process, the creation and delivery of palletized bulk material to lumber yards, steel mills or iron smelters, as well as micro or macro assembly facilities, to the finished product, a 1% tax is incurred at each stage of the Manufacturing process. This tax is levied on everything that an individual can buy at the Retail level: from bubble gum to cigarettes, automobiles to airplanes, hairspray to lipstick, cell phones to I-pods, flat screen TV's to MP3 players**.  
If Consumer products are assembled or Manufactured in a Foreign Country, the final product will be taxed at a maximum total import duty tax of 15% on all Bills of Lading to the Wholesaler/Importer, and a 7% sales tax at the point of sale to the Consumers at the Retail level.

All organic food for Human consumption and Livestock is Tax-Free throughout the farming, harvest, poultry or cattle herding process. By-products include processed food and packaging of produce.  
All medicines and dietary supplements to the Consumers are Tax-free throughout the Manufacturing process from laboratory to retail.