"It is well enough that People of the Nation do not understand our Banking and Monetary System, for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning."                                                                                                                                                                                                    Henry Ford

                                GREEN BOOK <+> BLACK BOOK CREDIT BUREAU 

The FICO Score Alternative
Why is there no Public outcry to get rid of the FICO Score or find an alternative credit score? 
There is no quantifiable reason not to demand a replacement to this opaque credit scoring system. The present Credit System's monopoly. Its mathematical computations were formulated in the 1950's when economic was not as complicated as it is today. That reality should be the calling card to reconsider the formula and realize it is the culprit for the systematic debt exposure to banks and their eventually failures. The FICO score is ludicrous. FICO scoring has proven to encourage debt. A debt-laden society is a result. It is riddled with assurances of bankruptcy and foreclosures. No one can prosper without the lower classes revolting. Between personal credit card debt and public debt, the entire crash of the world economy is just a matter of time. A Bank's exposure to corporate default or a method to diminish the unpredictability of an individual's ability to repay a loan is very suspect. A Mathematical computation can never ascertain a borrower's moral state to carry debt. Simply put, it is fraud to believe otherwise.
After the TARP Bank Bailout of 2008, it was obvious The Big (3) Three Credit Bureaus: TransUnionTM, EquifaxTM, and Experian TM  failed to protect banks. Massive credit card delinquency is presently written off more than a trillion dollar charge off. The only outcome with certainty is the three-fourth of a decade it takes for a small business owner or sole proprietors to repair their credit. This delay keeps financial risk takers and their ability to employ people, out of the marketplace of ideas.
Poor credit rating on a file even after debts are reconciled In the interim it discourages entrepreneurs to seek self-employment after a business failure. One of the most profound deficiencies in the opaque FICO computation is the value attributed to having managed debt properly. Managed debt on credit cards, outstanding car loans in good standing or SBA loans, actually "to builds your credit" is trial by fire approach that endangers the fiscal responsibility of the banking system.
What about achieving the same through average daily balances in a savings or checking account to arrive at a more accurate credit rating? It does not make sense for an individual to carry high-interest rate credit card balances, to keep a favorable credit score.  
These Credit reporting monopolies are the greatest inhibitor to growing the US Economy. Capital risk takers are punished far too high and for too long.  After a Business failure and individual has a far greater uphill climb than a failed bank! The World Economy lost an estimated $11 Trillion in personal wealth across the planet. Meanwhile, the taxpayer of the United States once again was forced to bailed out the Banking Cartels and Insurance companies in 2008. Without the $230 billion in loans from Department Department of Treasury through the Federal Reserve to Largest banks whether they were in good or bad standing or not, maintain the failed system in place. In fact, all banks had to accept a TARP bailout loan so the public would not know if their bank was insolvent. Today the world economy is a fictitious economy. It should be no surprise that American households owe $880 Billion in credit card debt as of 2014. Most of the American Middle Class is living paycheck to paycheck with zero savings.
The joke is on the American taxpayer for two reasons.
A. Why are FICO scores arriving at different scores by (3) three different Credit agencies while using the same mathematical criteria?

B. Even after a taxpayer-funded bailout to the largest Banks, why are loans from the taxpayer a privilege for the Banks yet a mortgage to a taxpayer is a judgment trial?
State sponsored computer hackers in China, Russia, Cuba and North Korea are prolific in penetrating credit databases of large big box Retailers and Government Agencies. There is measurable evidence that individual credit histories have been purged or damaged by erroneous data. These errors take years to eliminate from a file. Unreconciled debt reflected on a file erroneously creates a stigma often more damaging than a criminal conviction. This massive unjust credit verification system worthiness is questionable.  Simply put, the FICO formula needs competition.

Green Book <+> Black Book Credit Bureau 

Nothing demonstrates personal integrity more than the average daily balance on you savings and checking accounts. This can reverify by reporting total net monthly pay from wages and earned income to the Federal Income Clearing House('FICH'). The credit records will be distributed by hard copy like the Yellow and White Pages TM . It will be digitally archived and exclusively circulated to Members of a Non-Profit Consumer Reporting Agency in conjunction with government-run Federal Income Clearing House. This combined accountability service will be legitimate competition for the Big three major Credit Agencies.
NOTE: The most experienced National Trade Association using similar standards when dealing with wholesale Purveyors of Agriculture in establishing credit lines in the delivery of perishable goods to market is The Blue Book. It is the premier authority for extending credit to Produce wholesalers by Farmers Nationwide since 1901
*Log on: The Produce Blue Book established in 1901.
TheFICH Index 
TheFICH Index computation is simpler and easily standardized by dividing the net average monthly balance on a Bank statement after paying fixed expenses such as housing, mortgage payments, rents, utilities etc., multiplied by 12 months of the year, divided by your gross total annual Income. This number is your FICH index. This is more accountable than the three digit number of the FICO score. The premise equated to repayment behavior is punitive in nature. 
The Green Book for Small business and Black Book for individuals will be published in hard copy annually to paid membership. It will include accurate annotations for good credit and poor credit. It will be reflected as line items for all business and individuals. Also separated by state by state. The symbols will denote how many consecutive years a person (or a Company) is in good standing. It will also indicate poor credit in "BOLD" font. The symbol will be assigned a value for the amount of actual debt, and how many total days the bad debt has been outstanding. The index will denote symbols to explain payment terms of each debt account, and the amount of total credit extended at the commencement of loan.
The next year's hard copy will reflect all of the changes years to year. If payment is made in full towards bad debt, whether by the settlement agreement between the Parties or by Debt Consolidation Agency, Mediation and/or Civil Court order, the negative entry will be deleted immediately and reflected the following year's edition. This  GreenBook <+> BlackBook rule eliminates the current seven-year wait improve your credit. Essentially, Entrepreneurs who failed at a business will not be penalized instead will be expunged as if failure never occurred.
Payment in full on good terms will be mentioned first in BOLD GREEN TEXT for emphasis. The average balance for 30, 60, 90, 120 days float terms to Vendors, Banks or Credit Unions in the last three years will be used to calculate ratings.
The Green Book bound volumes will be categorized by State of Residency of the Principal Officer of the Corporation at the time of reporting income to the Federal Income Clearing House (FICH)*. The Green Book will only list Small Businesses that are not Publicly Traded Companies. The Green Book publication will be issued State-by-State via paid Memberships only**. The publication will include categorization by Industry or Trade. Past volumes must be returned for destruction to receive the updated copy annually.
* (See Home Page TheFICH ACT)
**Proceeds from The GreenBook <+> BlackBook membership participation in sales of the electronic download should be sufficient to cover the cost of publication, and updating of data. Each volume book will be serial numbered, and must be returned to the individual State's Green Book <+> Black Book Association for destruction. Each State will be issued the different colored book in each of 50 States.