"Let's show the scared world when the enemies of Liberty are everywhere; the American People are brave tigers of destiny and promise, not paper."




      TheFiscals are advocating for the outright purchase by force of eminent domain, the Naval Air Station at Guantánamo Bay by exercising Article III in the Naval Station Lease of 1903 to enforce Article IV in the Treaty of Relations of 1934. The Naval Base lease, the Platt Amendment and the Treaty of Relations signed by the United States and the Free Republic Cuba have language addressing the serious concerns for the public health against infectious disease outbreaks in Cuba, threatening the return travel to the southern ports of the United States. Dengue and Cholera are still pervasive in Cuba today.  Most recently, Leptospirosis, an infectious disease in animal urine that enters the drinking water supply that is contracted by humans and attacks the kidneys until fatal. It has been on a standard path to a pandemic in Cuba since March 2015. 



The 1903 Guantánamo Bay [Gtmo] Naval Station Lease with the Republic of Cuba

Article III reads:


"While on the one hand the United States recognizes the continuance of the ultimate Sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba over the above described areas of land and water, on the other hand the Republic of Cuba consents that during the period of the occupation by the United States of said areas under the Terms of this Agreement, the United States shall exercise complete jurisdiction and control over and within said areas, with the right to acquire [under conditions to be hereafter agreed upon by the two Governments] for the Public purposes of the United States any land or other property therein by purchase or by exercise of eminent domain with full compensation to the owners thereof." 

                           - Signed  February 23, 1903

                     US President Theodore Roosevelt and

          President of The Republic of Cuba Tomás Estrada de Palma  


The Platt Amendment (1903) obligated the Cuban Government to protect the Public health of the Southern Ports of the United States from pandemics:


Clause V: "That the Government of Cuba will execute, and as far as necessary extend the plans already devised or other plans to be mutually agreed upon, for the sanitation of the Cities of the Island, to the end that a recurrence of any epidemic and infectious diseases may be prevented, thereby assuring protection to the People and commerce of Cuba, as well as to the commerce of the Southern Ports of the United States and the People residing therein."


(note: Platt Amendment was repealed by a Treaty of Relations of 1934)


Under Authority of The Treaty of Relations of 1934

Infectious diseases have always been a Foreign Policy priority for the Government of The United States as such, language addressing the Public Health concern has dealt with all legal contracts and Treaties with The Republic of Cuba.


Article IV reads verbatim:


"If at any time in the future, a situation should arise that appears to point to an outbreak of contagious diseases in the Territory of either of the Contracting Parties, either of the two Governments shall, for its protection, and without its act being considered unfriendly, exercise freely and at its discretion the right to suspend communications between those of its Ports that it may designate in all or part of the Territory of the other part and for the period that it may consider to be advisable."






Source: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website posts the Dengue outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean 
As a result of two events, US Interests Section in Cuba posted travel warnings on August 2013 concerning a pandemic of  Dengue and Cholera.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Hurricane Ike in 2008, which damaged the sewer system and broke floodgates allowing sewer water to penetrate rivers throughout the island, Dengue and Cholera are two contagious diseases that have spread throughout the island of Cuba.
The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 also contributed to expanding the outbreaks of Cholera on both islands when sewage contaminated a river from an encampment of United Nations Nepalese aid workers. It is assumed that Cuban physicians and aid workers sent to Haiti returned to Cuba with the Cholera disease.
The public relations benefits on the world stage are numerous:
 1.  Redevelopment of the Naval Air Station has a far greater purpose for returning War Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq than just as a facility perceived exclusively as a maligned terrorist interrogation camp.  The terrorist facility at Gitmo only encompasses 200 acres within total base boundaries encompassing (43) square miles. ( equal in size to metropolitan Miami-Dade-County in South Florida )
 2. The US Department of Navy has the legal grounds' to expand the hospital as a quarantine facility to medically clear returning travelers to the United States.
 3. Replacing the outdated use as a coaling station with green technologies is also consistent the spirit of international climate change accords. In order to do this efficiently to reduce the tax burden in the maintenance of military bases in accordance,  Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission of 2005 (BRAC) a tax-free & duty-free designation must be codified into law by US  Congress to all the base boundaries. This will incentivize patriotic real estate developers of all types to commit to the financial investment in Guantánamo Bay GitmoFreeZone. This legal component for the intended use to reemploy veterans in housing construction and commercial development for decades. 
 4. This dual-purpose plan can be replicated on all bases on the mainland of United States. The residential component also provides an alternative location for fleeing refugees that would otherwise be destined for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties overcrowded school systems like those experienced the mass exodus during the Mariel Boatlift of the 1980s. This crisis can reoccur upon the death of the Raul Castro Dictatorship.
5. Guantánamo Naval Air Station redeveloped as the actual shining city on the hill is an ultimate Rest & Recreation & Rehabilitation facility (R&R&R) with accompanying residential community of 250,000 veterans is to be expected. The empowerment message from our country to our soldier is that of a renewed commitment to the bravest men and women of the Armed Forces. This opportunity to be given a plot of land to build two homes for themselves and a fellow handicapped soldier will foster a reinvigorated lifestyle on a path to happiness and certainly increase the mental health and quality of life for their families. 
Logistics and Geographics Are Perfect
Guantánamo Bay Naval Air Station deepwater port facilitates access of large container vessels with concrete mixing machines, construction materials, and cargo goods.  
Although America's primary motivation to redevelop Guantánamo is to provide a "safe place" while stopping the mass suicide by empowerment only a job, property and a future in the island paradise can provide for themselves and family. What finer expression of gratitude to our Veterans for defending our Freedom, than to invite them to build their own shining city on a hill?

This ultimate Rest Rehabilitation and Recreation (R&R&R) campus for veteran allows the American soldier 'to dream the little dream' in a 'Disney World' for soldiers. Accompanying this new life for veterans a medical sanctuary with free healthcare clinics on every corner, free schools, colleges, trade school on every block. This redevelopment will put The Veterans Administration on notice: The cultural malaise is behind us a nation. Expanding the Naval Hospital tenfold to allow for a Medical Center to rival Walter Reed in Germany or the Houston Medical Center in Texas. The Gitmo Medical Center will be a monumental task but the spirited message to veterans: very cherish your commitment to America's freedom. This medical campuses can concentrate on care for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] and the research for the cure.  The Department of Navy should take a leadership role to prevent what occurred at Fort Hood. It must be the highest priority a commander in chief to provide a place to offer our heroes to live, love, and laugh with their Families after a tour of duty. As the United States first foreign base, Guantánamo Bay is America. It should never be returned to Cuba under any accord at any time. Instead, let's expand it. 

The United States is losing the War on Terror to the Suicide of our Soldiers 

Even though America was successful in defeating the Taliban and Al Qaeda as well a Sadam's Republican Guard, our soldiers have perished at home to suicide case far greater than deaths on the battlefield. We are losing the War on Terror because of indifference when our Soldiers return home. The recent scandal at the US Veterans Administration is proof positive. The lack of military effectiveness combating the enemy on the battlefield was exemplary, but the psychological well-being of our Soldiers succumbed to the evil they witnessed. The harmful effects of radical Islam have surrendered many minds in the form of the debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) requires intense attention. Radical Islam's evil portents reside in a dark place. It is so destructive that it is causing suicidal thoughts in the subconscious mind of the American soldier who may commit and put innocent people at unnecessary risk. 



The Naval Air Station (GTMO) is America's first Foreign Military Base. It consists of (43) forty-three square miles of Base Territory along with Cuba's deepest Bay, Guantánamo Bay, in the center of two large land masses on either side. Guantánamo base boundaries are equivalent in size to (Miami-Dade County, Florida. Population 2.4 million)



Expand it or lose it
The Cuban People earned the right to be included in America's manifest destiny, considering the colonial history of the Spanish Cuba financial support for the Independence of the United States. If America is to proclaim to be the greatest defender of liberty worldwide, we must reinvent the US Veteran's Hospital. What better location?

The use of satellite communication from the Naval Base into Cuba proper is likely to spur independence of the Cuban people without bloodshed. Providing wireless communication technologies in the adjoining territory within Communist Cuba allows the surrounding area to have free internet access. This event would sound the drumbeat for the Cuban People to move Eastern Cuba instead of overpopulating Havana. The first step is relocating Radio Martí Communications to GTMO. The frequency could be intensified and amplified.
The Federal Communication Commissions ('FCC') should authorize broadcast Radio/TV Martí from the GitmoFreezone. A more robust transmission signal for Radio Martí can overcome Cuban Government jamming.  The Cuban Government's jamming abilities to interrupt commercial AM stations in South Florida is notorious. 

John Winthrop first inspired the reference to 'a shining City on the Hill' during his first voyage to the New World. Then President Ronald Reagan gave it renewed significance in modern times in a speech. Totalitarianism needs competition. After the residential component has advanced, invite the finest Universities to establish Research hospitals at GitmoFreeZone. 


FAIR WARNING: If America Fails The Cuban People Again


1. International Community has always insisted the United States return the base to Communist Cuba. It would only take another Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama as US President putting Cuba up for adoption again. Who is next foster parent? Communist China is Cuba's biggest trading partner with an enormous financial interest in the Port of Mariel as it prepares to be next manufacturing hub to the US domestic market. 
2. Canton Cuba will be China's American Taiwan. If the US does not provide legitimate economic competition for American good and services to revitalize Cuba via GitmoFreeZone.US. China's success in manufacturing low-cost products for domestic consumption in both Cuba and the US economy will be replicated. Cuban people with a cash-strapped economy will welcome it with open arms.  The cost for goods will be competitively priced to the US Consumer as the transportation cost from mainland China to the United States reduced by [70] seventy percent.
3. This socio-economic reality in Cuba will cast doubt whether free Market-Capitalism is a superior economic model to State-Capitalism. Once this comparison is showcased side by side the credibility of the US Dollar as the only reserve currency worldwide will be in question for the first time worldwide.