"To debunk the Statist-Progressive narrative that Health Care is a right, one only needs to understand it's illogical premise. If Health Care is a right, then alcoholism, chain smoking and morbid obesity that requires taxpayer-funded free Medical Care a misdemeanor crime or emergency room a felony.  Statist Liberals believe 'The State' is the Church and Government coercion is salvation.  Therefore,  enlightened minds of AMA, are directors of your destiny and mine."



Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations' Flexner Report Fundamentally Changed Sickness in America 

The early 20th Century development of Healthcare research in the United States was systematically funded and engineered to define disease as a marketplace for the sale of drugs, not as diagnosis industry for illness and cures. This market required patented synthetic medications for exclusive sale by Pharmaceutical Companies, not organic solutions. The corporate medical business model required establishing an enforcement authority for patents; American Medical Association 'AMA.' As an organization with media machine and lobbying force in Washington D.C., it approved all findings in their Medical journals. The AMA established the legitimacy for medical discoveries it considered valuable. It facilitated the monopolization market share for Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, not necessarily eradicate disease or find cures.

Under these false premises, The Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations establish the intelligentsia, just as was the case with The Leipzig Connection in public education (See: Governing School Act). AMA achieved intellectual omnipotence over viability successful medical diagnosis. It defined the Ethical Standard Care stipulated in The Flexner Report in 1910. TThis created the backbone for a pervasive research consortium of scientists lead by Abraham//Simon Flexner and Henry Pritchett to establish ethical medical standards that would have to be adhered to if Medical Schools were to receive large research grants from Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation to name the most prominent. This became necessary to recruit the brightest minds in biotechnology and engineering to Universities. This was the surest path to legitimacy to advance medical programs and own drug patents for medical endowments.

What can the American People expect from a Government managed Health Care system if the private Healthcare system evolved in this manner?

Notice the Insurance companies stayed silent throughout the debate over the Affordable Care Act. Naturally, the law was written to expand the premium pool by Government coercion. Within two years of implementation, Health Care Insurance Corporations are consolidating at a rapid pace. The Affordable Care Act will prove to be the full American Social breakdown of physician/patient confidentiality and the Internal Revenue Service. It will be up to the IRS's interpretation of the additional layer of tax compliance to receive a subsidy and/or an audit will determine if you get Medical Care or not. You may be audited at the worst possible moment in your life when you are gravely ill.

Not to underestimate the implication that a larger Department of the Internal Revenue Service effects on individual liberty. The proof is the expansion of the IRS's payroll with an additional 16,000 agents to investigate Health Care subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. The American People can also expect a dishonest bureaucracy and inefficient administrative Health Care culture exposed at the US Veterans Administration in 2014.

The same indifference towards the disabled veteran at the Veterans Hospitals occurs in the general populace in the administration of medical care to socialized society patient/consumers only more callous and intrusive. Expect to experience long delays to see a Specialist; neglectful care once admitted to the hospital and high deductibles in exchange for low premiums you are approved and accepted from your plan provider. The conflicting diagnosis from a private doctor than that of one from health care exchange will be the suspicious and untimely death of the poor and physically challenged will create an even greater logjam of malpractice claims in court dockets. The same inefficiencies and a debased compensation culture for administration claim processors at the US Veterans Hospitals will spread throughout the Medical industry. 

Ronald Reagan, as a private citizen warned Americans back in the 1950's never to allow any Socialist Politician to convince you that the American Health Care system should be administered by a Government bureaucracy or under a single payer Health Care system.  Such Laws only galvanizes Socialism and stifles innovation and productivity of the greatest Health Care system in the World. This is the ultimate goal of the Socialist Democratic Party.


Since most working in Government jobs are not financial risk takers, they are less likely to propose creative changes to their work responsibilities. Only career bureaucrats in Government can sit idle and watch the Affordable Care Act evolve into an albatross of additional IRS filing forms such as the 1095-A, 8962 and 8965 while Insurance Companies raise deductibles and premiums to those who had private insurance. Both institutions are cohorts and know full well that the inefficiencies of a Government mandated Health Care will bear out for decades of financial burdens to the Middle Class that are already broke. If the ACA is not repealed entirely by law, you can expect income tax rates as high as 50% to pay for the subsidies the government awarding to low-income persons. This will be obvious within 25 years from its passage.  It is simply ludicrous to think of a Health Care regulation that subjects Insurance Companies to add Health benefits to a policy for people with preexisting conditions and reduce the overall premium costs because of larger pools of patients, contrary to the power of supply and demand.  This new insurance industry will fail a sick person with private insurance everywhere.  Proactive Health Care cannot be rationed by the collective.  People live drastically different lifestyles and have distinct family DNA lineages with a propensity of various types of diseases or none at all.
Europe finds itself suffering inadequate, slow appointment times in patient care and reactive Institutionalized Healthcare with an exorbitant high tax on wages to pay for it.  Only the collective theories in a Progressivirus minded society can accept such government mandates to limit your free choice in Doctors and Hospitals and call it Universal Health Care. In the United States, rationed care lowers quality of life, by standing in lines getting sicker while waiting to be misdiagnosed for months. The ignorance of Socialism experienced in Britain, France, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Canada and others that have passed National Healthcare, bear the same result. National Bankruptcy.The Hospital stay is the largest expense in Medical care. It is also the biggest liability post surgery in Malpractice Lawsuits. The problem is right there, nowhere else. Leave the Doctors alone in the free market of Surgical fees for medical care in private practice. 
These parameters to profit are so restricted by regulation that Insurance companies are dropping policies altogether or increase a patient's deductible. As smaller insurer fail to adjust to this new marketplace the only remedy to keep them from dropping policies altogether, is to merge with larger insurance conglomerates.  This amount to less choice, not more choice as promised by Democrats.  
These IRS agents will have the authority of interpleader to determine qualification for subsidy and will also be enforcers with Criminal Prosecutorial power. British Conservative politician David Hannan repeats in his book The New Road to Serfdom,
"You don't have to be a Democrat to fret about the uninsured in America. You don't have to be an angry populist to feel that the system of litigation, which forces Doctors to take out expensive insurance against lawsuits, and then passes the cost onto their patients, needs reform."
It is a Stalinists dream come true. Central Government's coercive hand over a human being's health. Do you want the IRS to be your Socio-Economic partner? You own it, and it is now the Law.  Government policy is now able to control societal behavior simply by always changing the Health Law as we age. This is a Stalinist game of Russian roulette. Mr. Hannan says it best,
"True, the Government's option initially will sit alongside private schemes. This is how State Health Care began in Canada. After a while, Ministers found that having assumed responsibility for the system, they were more or less obliged to keep expanding it at the expense of the private sector."
Why The Affordable Care Act Failed

Insurance companies wrote the Obamacare law to enlarge the insurance premium pool nationwide regardless whether it was economically sustainable. When they abandon the health care exchange experiment as expected it was due to the law’s text as Obama agreed to a bailout clause similar to what Banks have. Insurance conglomerates know the appetite for security for the uninsured would grow exponentially as well as the public outcry for subsidized public health care. Insurance Companies now have the wind at their backs, as much liquidity as banks, they also have European model affects as the test tube to adjust their numbers, and the evidence of this is clear as the largest ones merged worldwide after the ACA was signed limiting choice for consumers not expanding it as the President and Democrats promised. This all occurs quite frankly "because they can". Knowing full well it would become a political football for decades afterward, it would procure a real dialogue on a fix, with a larger premium pool to work from as a new baseline.

What is not so obvious is the premise for the de-stabilized costs associated with healthcare. Doctors cannot set reasonable market-based prices for their procedures nor can the hospitals. These prices are established by Insurance Companies internal policies then projected into the marketplace as what they are willing to pay within each carrier and individual policy to the providers. An MRI on a gold policy is over billed to one customer who paid a high premium, to subsidize the less expensive charge for the same procedure on bare bones policy within the same Insurance company’s liability. That is the “cheese in the mouth trap” liberal statist politicians eats to push single payer plan implemented in Europe. It ruined the quality of life for Europeans as all ambition to invest in a small business is gone in exchange for free healthcare and 65% in myriad taxes to sustain it. Until the law reflects a Doctors and Hospital Providers determination of what their services cost in the free market competition determined by supply/demand principles, where medical services costs are based on the organic quality of execution and the expediency to which professional mitigate pain and cure, health care in the United States will never be unaffordable. The solution is to incentivize hospital with soft cost subsidies to expand hospital and clinics under their corporate umbrellas in underserved areas nationwide. Additionally, permit hospital chains to "enroll members" as "hospital clubs" like Costco or Sam’s wholesale club models for basic care and high-risk catastrophic care and terminal illnesses will continue to be insured in the marketplace for insurance companies.

Canada's Single Payer System suffers long delays to see a Doctor.
In Canada, which has the single-payer Health Care System many American Liberals clamor for, averages a four-month wait time to see a Specialist. The median length of time Canadians wait for necessary medical treatment after being referred by a General Practitioner is 18.2 weeks, twice as long as in 1993.  The 18.2-week figure is a median wait, meaning half of the patients must wait longer than that to see a Specialist in Regional circumstances. For instance, New Brunswick has the longest wait times at 37.3 weeks, and yet Ontario the shortest with 14.1 weeks. Waits also vary widely by Specialty. The wait for Orthopedic Surgery is 42.2 weeks, Neurology patients wait an average of 31.2 weeks, and the wait for Radiation Oncology is 4.2 weeks. Canadians could expect to wait 3.8 weeks for a CT scan, 8.7 weeks for an MRI scan, and 3.3 weeks for an Ultrasound. All this while a potentially cancerous tumor or the minor infection spreads.

"The stale narrative of the statist left that claimed, "No one should go bankrupt because they got sick, now is the harsh reality sets in you are poor because your deductible is too high and the IRS audit made you terminally ill."


The only beneficiary of the Affordable Care Act is the Insurance Companies. They also get a bailout like the Banks did in 2008 if the ACA plan does not work as expected. Stay exchanges will need a bailout too. Isn't it fitting that bailout provisions are written into Law by the very candidate for President who berated the Bank bailout of 2008? When this financial bailout of Insurance Companies comes to light, and the negative balance sheets are perilously obvious, it will be too late, a single payer, Health Care plan, will be waiting for passage for Statist-Socialists perfect the Health Care system they wanted.
The most discomforting component of this ACA law authorizes the Internal Revenue to audit a terminally sick person and freeze Bank accounts during the investigation of the qualification of a subsidy. After all of the possible pitfalls in Health Care choices, the errors you made when you are sick, disabled, or handicapped, will cause your Caretakers or Surgeons not paid for services provided because The Fed froze your personal Bank account.
TheFiscals want the ACA repealed and will not politically support any single payer Health Care system.  Federal Government mandated that Public Health Care is Socialism. State-run exchanges or any form of Government managed system will Bankrupt State budgets. It will morph into the same culture of ineptitude that has been exposed in the US Veterans Hospitals as well as the Medicare system.  All of these irrational hypothetical scenarios are possible under the Affordable Care Act. It is already an acknowledged fact that Christian based Small Businesses and Religious non-profit Hospitals will not adhere to funding abortions under the employee mandate or subsidize their employees' contraceptives. People will die of brain cancer waiting for a death panel to approve funding for an MRI and the Brain Surgery required to save your life. If the VA is incapable of prioritizing the Health Care needs for returning war Veterans, imagine the entire uninsured population. If they can shamelessly doctor documentation to look like patients received therapy to get salary bonuses, imagine when the same employee handbooks apply to employees on Healthcare exchanges.

Social Healthcare Security Act


TheFiscals will support an effort to divide Social Security contributions from an individual's wage paychecks to be redirected to a Health Care Savings Accounts. Dollar for dollar matching contributions will be expected from the Federal Government and parents of children from birth, and then between Employer and Employee once the child is an adult in the workplace or 26 years old, or whichever comes first.
These accumulated Health Care accounts are funds and can be tallied and disbursed through the pre-paid account associated with the GO-ID. Furthermore, the individually insured who are over 18 years of age must seek Health Insurance by age 26, or five years after the new Law is adopted, or whichever comes first. Medical Insurance, just like Auto Insurance Companies, should know if you are a high-risk driver, Health Insurance Companies should be aware if a client has an unhealthy smoking habit, an alcohol abuse problem or a drug habit. TheFiscals prefer, at the moment of renewal of the Health Policy, a mandatory physical is triggered with no prejudice on preexisting conditions to cancel a policy. The payee will receive a lower premium if they pass a physical that shows no effects of smoking, alcoholism or drug use, and they maintain the weight they had at the time of their initial policy or they have to pay higher premiums.
Note: If it works for Boxers, it will work for a Population, that they will liken to a 'weigh in' for savings in total premium. Parents with obese Children will pay higher premiums, and there should be plenty of reward for good Health with an incentive to save on Health insurance.
The Non-Profit Hospital Expansion Act 
TheFiscals will propose closing the Department of Health and Human Services and the US Veterans Administration Hospitals in a Nationwide sell off its Facilities to the highest bidder. The sale proceeds and tax savings annually on the Management expenditure of dilapidated Hospital facilities will go to fund the soft cost subsidy to any non-profit Hospital of 50,000 square feet or larger than chooses to expand by 10% footprint clinics in rural areas. The result is more Medical facilities accessible to more patients and incentivizes more to become non-profits Hospitals. The soft cost savings can be used to expand low-cost Welfare to impoverished Neighborhoods and remote Rural Communities. The Government will no longer neglect our War Heroes. The private Health Care sector will do a better job for Veterans.
The following criterion earns the Non-Profit Hospital a 50% soft cost subsidy
A. Hospitals must expand their facility by 5% of the total square footage within their physical boundaries every ten years if and when the land or facility permits. If not, it must do so within a 25-mile radius, and open a Fast Track Clinic 'FTC' that is at a minimum of 5% of their existing square footage under its Management control within a locality. These FTC to be located in low-income Communities or remote Rural jurisdictions within the region of State. This is triggered every (10) ten years. Every decade, each Hospital that is in compliance with this specification will receive the soft cost subsidy. 
B. Any for-profit Hospital chain that purchases an existing Veterans Hospital will receive a Federal soft cost subsidy automatically through the US Department of Defense. State Departments of Health will waive the real estate taxes or rent for properties for Medical Clinics in Rural areas so long as 30% of its patient base is in Veterans care.
C. Insurance companies are obligated to honor claims at any 'FTC' or Hospital complying with the soft cost subsidy. Therefore Federal law must allow Insurance Companies to compete freely across State lines. Each State must award Licensing to National Insurance Companies so that one Insurance Company is competing for business per 250,000 residents in each state.
D. All 'FTC' Hospital may enroll premium members of entire families on an annual basis up to five-year terms for basic preventive health care that includes mandatory requirement doctor visits for mammograms, pap smear, for teenage girls and adult women and regular physical check up as well prostate exams for adolescents and adult men.
E. Soft Cost subsidies also apply to all Research Hospitals at GitmoFreeZone
*Soft Costs Subsidy [Definition]
Soft cost is limited to the actual Hospital room assets: Hospital gurneys beds, sheets, pillows, towels, television sets, guest beds, couches, reading material, wheelchairs, crutches, IV stands, janitorial supplies, including antibacterial solutions and/or sterilization products and other disinfectant systems, etc.