"If We the People,  have to Punch In and Punch Out to earn a day's pay,  a politician should have to Punch In and Punch Out to receive the People's pay."                                                                                                                                                   


United States Constitution Verbatim: 

Article I, Section 5  "Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and Qualification of its Members, and a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do business; but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the Attendance of absent Members, in such manner under such Penalties as each House may provide."


Punch In <:> Punch Out Amendment reads verbatim:

"All elected persons to the US Senate or House of Representatives must cast ballots from an assigned Congressional seat while in session for 90% attendance record of their term in office to seek re-election. Each day of absence amounts to a docked one day's Congressional pay. The House of Representatives and Senate may not be in session for longer than (60) sixty consecutive working days with (30) thirty-day calendar day recess unless called into emergency session by the Executive Branch. The emergency session may not last longer than an additional 30 calendar days. Who


Punch In <:> Punch Out Amendment becomes the 28th by repealing the 20th Amendment of the US Constitution aimed specifically at Section 2 of the 20th Amendment.

To give credence to docking congressional pay for absenteeism falling within the purview of limiting Federal power, TheFiscals submit to Americans as well constitutional scholars to consider this constitutional amendment as valid and exceptional alternative blanket term limit proposals that are available in other writings. Also consider that one of the two amendments that were not ratified along with the first Ten (10) Amendments known as The Bill of Rights, pertained to congressional pay raise without an election being intervened. It was written by James Madison in 1789 and not ratified until The State of Michigan completed ratification process as 27th Amendment in 1992.

That is 203 years! 

The Primary benefit of this Amendment is to rewrite the rules of attendance while in the congressional session. It reduces the number of Congressional calendar days in both Houses of the US Congress by (50%) fifty percent. Most importantly it mandates (90%) ninety percent physical attendance record to run for re-election. It also docks absenteeism on a pay on a per diem basis.
TheFiscals believe that the majority of the People, prefer that Lawmakers have fewer opportunities to cajole, drink, schmooze with Lobbyists in Washington D.C., at the Taxpayer's expense.  Most Legislators are not apt at the 'art of compromise.' This compromise materializes into a culture of the idiosyncrasy of oblivious Government were no one is accountable. Both Senators and Representatives act as co-dependents, finding new ways to gain favor with Corporate backers, not the citizenry. The unintended consequences of their decisions are pervasive as duplicative, intrusive laws and regulation never repealed. All the while misspending Taxpayers money in the needless process of nefarious enforcement.
The reduction of calendar days must occur in a staggered format, as not to leave The Executive Branch alone in Washington DC during longer recesses doing as he/she pleases. No President should be allowed to do what he/she wishes by Executive Order in the dark during recess.
Simply by reducing Congressional session days to pass new laws, cuts the size of the Federal Government as fewer Laws passed, means fewer Laws to enforce. The obvious would ensue;  a mandate for payroll reduction of Federal Government Employees. While the Nation is running a National budget deficit (over $19 Trillion dollars as of 2015), limiting codependency of Political class is beneficial to the financial well-being of the United States. Everyday Elected representatives are shaking hands in Washington D.C., is a day they are spending taxpayer money.

The Secondary benefit to reducing Congressional session days is to give ample time to Representatives to read proposed bills before session commences from their home districts. Their excuse to not read bills that personally is not permitted in advance of a Vote.
The Third benefit is more accessibility locally to conduct Town Hall meetings with their Constituents. These continuous meetings perhaps will evoke a level of Statesmanship long lost in American politics and invite discourse to the Public Square. If this occurs by happenstance, it may evolve into a Political environment in support of their Constituent's interests and not the own.
The People's Business cannot wait so don't be late.
This mandatory Congressional attendance component of the Punch In <>Punch Out Amendment will have the same effect as it has on the lazy farmhand on a farm, hung over hard laborer on a construction site, a tardy employee in an office setting, a sloppy cook in a restaurant, or an absent student for class. Eventually, you get fired! If consistency, dependability, and discipline in the workplace require employees to "punch in" and "punch out" during a 9 am-5 pm workday, why is the Politician the exception?
The Politician who has been re-elected for several terms can no longer rest on his brand name on a ballot without attending to the matters of the People. A Politician can no longer rest on their laurels automatically getting re-elected as his/her attendance record, and tardy behavior will be self-evident.
This present absenteeism in a Political culture of indifference is apparent on C-SPAN as empty seats are commonplace on most Congressional days. This culture of non-engagement in the Public debate in Chambers is, in essence, a Government by proxy. Legislators called for Committee meetings can no longer occur until after floor sessions are adjourned. This coy behavior must stop. Politicians will have to demonstrate a compelling desire to get re-elected by documented Congressional attendance records. His or her reduced net pay on paychecks for absenteeism will also be self-evident in the public record. With the Punch-In <+> Punch-Out Amendment as Law, it will not take long before the lame career Politician is exposed as a lax and unproductive by comparison and therefore is prohibited by Law to seek re-election.

Congressional GO-ID Smart Card

To enforce attendance in the US Congress, a fingerprint-activated Smart Card called the Congressional GO-ID would be issued to all Office holders upon being elected. This ID Smart Card will be programmed and manufactured with a thin film fingerprint technology with the office holder's unique fingerprint.as the GO-ID SmartCard for retail commerce, (See Link on Homepage)  It will identify when they enter the Congressional Chambers for roll call and when they vote. Voting must occur from their actual Congressional seat in both houses with a voting station at each seat. This card will require a physical contact of two digits identifying the Elected person while casting a Vote.

Additionally, the latest iris scanner technology will be installed at the entrances of both Chambers of the US Senate and House of Representatives to record all that enter and departs the Chamber. After the roll call is taken each day, all absent Representatives will be docked one day's Congressional pay. All oral presentations made either by a Senator or by a Representative are voiced solely from their Elected seat. One Exception:  the sponsor of the Legislation, if acknowledged from the Speaker's Chair or Senate President, may present on the floor and must use a visual prop to speak. Each 'Yea' and 'Nay' vote is tallied from a separate scanner electronically with a paper print out for historical records.

Otherwise, the Federal Government will continue to be administered by staff and legitimized by the dis-engaged politician. History has shown long after the Elected passes the Law, Congressional staffers along with career department bureaucrats write the rules and guidelines to trigger enforcement of the Law's general intent. It explains why so many Laws are meaningless or ineffectual and sometimes undermine by unintended consequences in practice contrary to law's original intent. It also is the primary reason why so many departments have duplicative Laws enforced by different agencies wasting taxpayers money and bloated Federal payrolls and Budget deficits. Nothing more, nothing less.


"In a World where the intelligent have doubt and lack creativity, the ignorant have more confidence enamored in duplicity."

                                                                                                                                                             - MacontheRock


Beware of the proposed Term Limits Constitutional Amendment. The present language being introduced by popular demand is the milk toast approach to the elective office. Term limit legislation will not achieve its desired effect of eliminating career politicians. Instead, it will create an environment of political amateurism. The new Political Class will be more dependent on career congressional staff.

We TheFiscals experienced this first hand while advocating for the ballot based Governing School Act in Florida. At the time we were pursuing the Amendment to 2004 Parent Empowerment Law ( Stat: 1002.33 (3b) ) as the first parents in Florida history ti apply it successfully to vote. Once amended we sought to rebrand it as The Governing School Act by changing its voting guidelines. Our advocacy was falling on 'deft ears' and ignored by newly elected legislators in 2013 & 2014 session. Since none of the electors in the original passage in 1996 were serving because of term limits The Republican leadership majorities in both houses were dedicated to passing an inferior petition based parent trigger law. Thankfully the legislation failed to pass twice in the Florida Senate in 20-20 tie.

No Florida legislator knew that the state was the only state in the union to have passed a direct ballot Parent Trigger law. Force the intra-school vote to decide whether parents can act as guardians of a school's budget. The "call the vote" Parent trigger law only needs to be amended as to allow only parent the right to act as guardians of a school budget. It remains a very flawed un-American law giving Teachers veto power over parent stakeholders in separate ballots.

No Florida legislator knew that their state was the only state in the union to have passed a force the intra-school vote to decide if a parent can act as guardians of a school's budget. The "call the vote" Parent trigger law only needs to be amended as to parent's right to act as guardians of school's budget. It remains today as a very flawed un-American law giving Teachers veto power over parent stakeholders in separate ballots.

Additionally, very experienced career Congressional staffers, working for career Politicians, can quickly 'run game' on a first-term elected official. The constant first termer syndrome in Government is susceptible to being underhanded and undermined or corrupted by his own staff or a plant from another Office of an opposition party.

A Congress with too many first Term politicians will depend too much on career Congressional staff residing in Washington DC. Congressional Staffers play musical chairs in an amongst the several Congressional offices. If Legislators do not read the bill now, imagine the novice first term Congressman or Senator overwhelmed by the process not reading at all.

Constitutionally mandated Term limits being suggested by both Parties is the classic 'one size fits all' approach to Government, and it does not work. It will not make Government more accountable.
Why continue to advance the labyrinth of bureaucracy with a dynamic that has created such unnecessary Laws?
To advocate for good Laws to be passed and for bad Laws to be repealed, We the People must have a continuity of diligent Politicians that arrive on time, stay late, work hard with the proof that they "Punch In." Proactive and creative Politicians should stay in Office on those merits alone. At the same time, the mediocre should fall out of contention by pervasive absenteeism. Neither seniority on a particular Committee or Subcommittee, nor fundraising prowess should guarantee the re-election of any Brand, namely an incumbent Politician. End the mediocre status quo.
These Legislative dynamics of career staffers procures a hapless society of collective grievances with a Federal Government that is aimless at inspiring upper mobility. The summation of such a culture leads to arduous regulations on Small Business and the unintended consequences that lead to flight Capital in Private Enterprise establishing Business operations and deposited their profits in foreign banks. abroad.

TheFiscals must remind the political class in Washington D.C. that the US Capital is a notorious place for stabbing your allies in the front. Look at this Congressional record as an example.


Congressional House and Senate attendance prior to 1934: 

                                              [The Cut & Paste is from latest US Congressional Directory]

SESSIONS OF CONGRESS, 1st-110th CONGRESSES, (1789-2007) [as of closing date for this table was July 25, 2007]

Meeting Dates of Congress: Pursuant to a resolution of the Confederation Congress in 1788, the Constitution went into effect on March 4, 1789. From then until the 20th amendment took effect in January 1934, the term of each Congress began on March 4th of each odd-numbered year however, Article I, section 4, of the Constitution provided that  The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such a Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different day. The Congress, therefore, convened regularly on the first Monday in December until the 20th amendment became effective, which changed the beginning of the Congressional term as well as its convening date to January 3rd. So, prior to 1934, a new Congress typically would not convene for regular business until 13 months after being elected. One effect of this was that the last session of each Congress was a lame duck session. After the 20th amendment, the time from the election to the beginning of the Congressional term, as well as when it convened, was reduced to two months. Recognizing that there may be a need for Congress to meet at times other than the regularly scheduled convening date.

As of February 14, 2007, 11,814 individuals have served: 9,920 only in the House of Representatives, 1,250 only in the Senate, and 645 in both Houses. The total of those serving in the House of Representatives (including individuals serving in both bodies) is 10,564. Total for the Senate (including individuals serving in both bodies) is 1,895. ONLY 11,814 Politicians have been elected in US History since 2007.  It should be disturbing to the American people that so few citizens have taken the American People on such a careless ride towards economic failure and moral bankruptcy.

Enormous Central Government could not have been implemented without one Political Party having an omnipresent support of Corporatists. who benefit from large government procurement and Majority power over the Minority party for extensive periods of time. The Democratic Party along with Progressive Movement members in the Republican Party has achieved all necessary legal mandate to accomplish one party rule since 1911. Today Congress is ambivalent and the voters are indifferent. The affect of this discourse is a haplessness and frustration in the corrupt system where reform is the impossible. At this point in American history, a total reinvention of the lawmaking process must be executed. heFiscals aim to change the political conundrum.     

P.S.: TheFiscals are suspect of historical records that 3/5th of the State Legislatures met quorum criteria requirement to cast votes to ratify the [16th] Sixteenth nor [17th] Seventeenth Amendments.  It is also highly unlikely on the Eve of Christmas Eve that the same occurred in The US Congress to pass The Federal Reserve Act.
These unlikelihoods are the three of the most bastardly legislations in US History that may not have been legitimately passed into law in 1913. It is, therefore, understandable why the 20th Century is marked by The Progressive Era's regressive policies that expanded poverty. In 2015, more and more Americans were on Government subsidy or unemployed as a percentage of the US population than ever before.
Most candidates have not been compelled to debate to get Elected, nor are required to be present at Committee meetings or Hearings while in session. Being absent in Chambers negates a sense of obligation to listen to the debate and/or oral arguments and offer discourse rebuttal or express objections.
Watch C-Span television on any given day watch Congressmen and Senators giving speeches to themselves as if alone in the Chambers. If The American People do not demand the reinvention of this dynamic abruptly,  "The Fix" continues. The reckless 'bad check' writing by the middle class will never ceases.

Mandatory Congressional Year of Repeal Amendment

It Reads verbatim:

"Commencing in the Congressional year of 2020, every 12th congressional legislative session thereafter, a moratorium on the debate on new legislation. All bills out committee must be mandatory repeals of duplicative, ineffectual and/or arcane law, stating reasons and identifying the replicate law."  

Now that Elected Representatives must get to work to repeal arcane, duplicative, ineffectual law across all Federal Departments that cost unnecessary enforcement dollars, repealing laws could be the US Congress's mandated priority by statute. But it will never occur unless it is mandated by the US Constitution.
This repeal movement would mean that every (12) twelve years beginning in 2020 an entire session of Congress would refrain from passing new legislation. What would better serve the People's interests if the whole Congressional year is devoted to repealing ineffectual Laws from the Book of Torts?
In conclusion:
TheFiscals call for a reawakening of the legislative dynamic during Congressional sessions. Do think of sponsoring new legislation but rather repealing old laws on the books.
We believe in reinvention, not reform. We The People are at fault for voting for Statists. The registered voter in America is condoning a Federal Government to run amuck by politician's indifference, absenteeism, and ambivalence towards American citizens. Most Americans who understand Political environment fear the change they seek. Those not informed are oblivious of the ill effects of statist liberalism on all Pinnacle powers; namely that it fails. Instead, traditional media advances false propaganda based on tone and method rather than truth and transparency. Assertive defense of the nation principles and values are trampled on in the name of tolerance and equality. The creativity that established the greatest experiment was not pure Democracy of the populace but the concept of a Republic of individual states establishing a union in defense of a nation. After 100 years of Progressive Movement (1912-2012) creativity and self -reliance is easily portrayed as fantasy or radicalism. But liberalism is an amateur theory, adolescent in manner and immature in its nature as to effectually patronize the less fortunate in society into abject poverty and intellectual genocide.
Without the Punch In/Punch-Out amendment and a Year of Repeal, Central Government is run by career minded bureaucracy and Congressional staffers, not the elected. To advance this cause We TheFiscals, seek to make a formal request to The National Office of Archives first established by Congress in 1934, to disclose the written Historical attendance Congressional records of 1913. We need to disclose roll call tally that the US Congress met quorum criteria.  It is also is important that the respective states successfully voted on Constitutional Amendments 16 and 17.  

"Politicians are like Bankers by nature, work ethic, and attire. Both love two-hour lunches and close for business at 3 pm at the bar by 4 pm while the invisible pay the beverage tab. Their job description's only requirement is to possess several expensive suits, a plethora of fancy silk ties and must practice your confident eye contact. It is so easy to sell favors with someone else's money."