[ The School District-run public school ].........is hopelessly antiquated and crippled by Union work rules. Until the Teachers Union was broken, there was almost no hope for education reform. Teachers should be treated as professionals, not assembly line workers. Principals should be able to hire and fire them based on how good they are. Schools should be staying open until at least 6 pm and be in Session eleven months out of the year. It is absurd, he added, that American classrooms were still based on teachers standing at the board and using textbooks. All books, learning materials, and assessments should be digital and interactive, tailored to each student and providing feedback in real time."


                                                                                                                    -Steve Jobs, Chairman of Apple Computer  
                                                                            at a dinner meeting with President Barack Obama




Governing School Act is America's Perfect Parent Trigger Law


Replacing "and" with an "or" in the 2010 Florida Parent Empowerment Law Florida is so elementary             



The reinvention of the district-run public School System begins in Florida. The Sunshine state is the only state in the union to pass legislation allowing for based Parent Trigger law without the consent of School Board of Commissioners. It was originally signed into law by Democratic Governor Lawton Chiles in 1996. But was not promulgated as The Florida Parent Empowerment Law to force a vote until voting guidelines were made by Florida Department of Education under Governor Crist in 2010. Now this one large problem; it totally un-American law that denies proponents several Civil Liberties. The quorum vote criteria separate the Teacher's vote from the Parent's vote in separate ballots on election day. This unrealistic burden for Conversion Proponents to win two elections simultaneously. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the Elected in the Florida Legislature to delete the word 'and' to the word 'or' in the Law's text. This elementary change eliminates Teachers "veto power" over a Parent's affirmative decision by vote to replace County School District Administration as Guardians of the Budget and procurement of their neighborhood Public School.
Florida Statute 1002.33 (3b) a.k.a the Conversion-to-Charter Law needs to be rebranded as The Governing School Act. 
The Florida Parent Empowerment Law a.ka. as the conversion-to-charter law should be rebranded as The Governing School Act. This is intended to differentiate very different school choice models. Typical charter is new facility ground up in a leasehold or planned real estate development with all the bells and whistles entailed in new construction. These type of school choice require substantial investment capital and ability to increase grade level incrementally on an annual basis until occupied by a student body at intended grade levels. For all these risk-taking endeavors the for-profit developer receives his return of investment by charging rent to the Management consisting Parents who receive 'A Charter' from a County School Board.  The inherent risk is the construction cost of building a school facility, not occupied to capacity upon completion during this extensive real estate development timeline.
In the conversion to charter exercise, the physical school already exists and the parents who receive 'A Charter" after the election victory do not pay rent to the School District. Furthermore, the Governing Board may save budget surpluses annually to redevelop or expand the school campus. There is no profit initiative or financial debt risks. 
The mere reference to "Charter" implies privatization and profit. These are major objections to the community as a whole when advocating for conversion of school via the ballot box. There is a stark contrast between a Governing School and a Charter School. Governing Schools do not pay rent on County owned school property. This subtle name change will differentiate this type of public school as an additional School Choice model and lower the level of objections when advocating for the 'YES' vote. 
The Florida Parent Empowerment Law is a Teacher's Empowerment Law. The Parents are sole stakeholders as taxpayers, yet Teachers are employees that come and go at the behest of School District as their employer, have veto power over parents in an intraschool election. This voting guideline prevents meaningful empowerment for Parents. The reinvention of public school can only evolve in a positive manner when the parent can act as guardians of the school's administration. Any school district superintendent can place and replace a teacher who votes Yes from a school. This is a perfect It is School District Administrator's power of intimidation to vote 'No.' If the Teachers staff or the Principal are the problems, they will vote 'No.' 
Imagine the acrimony that will exist when teachers veto parent's decision to convert the school to guardianship by voting Yes? It is certainly not a conducive environment for learning on a school campus. The Florida Parent Empowerment Law as written is Teachers Empowerment law in actuality. Thus giving the Teachers Union even more power. This veto power can deny the change in administration or modernization of schools. It also allows the School District to continue to siphon surpluses from high property taxed assessed neighborhoods with performing schools to inner city schools that are renovated, improved or advanced in curricula. The United States will survive as the nation of self-reliance if conservatives as guardians of individual budgets, do take back the public school system from the statist centralized county administered bureaucracy that exists nationwide.  
Unfortunately, the 1996 Florida Parent Trigger Law was not promulgated or a mandated to effect the call to vote for the entire administration of School Choice proponent Governor Jeb Bush. Why not? It was Governor Charlie Crist who instructed his Department of Education to add language to establish voting guidelines in 2010.
In the 14-year interim, no Parent would dare apply it until we did it at Key Biscayne K-8 Center in 2013.  Ironically, the actual empowerment language was insufficiently clarified by the Political chameleon as not the actual leader of school choice and school vouchers, Gov. Jeb Bush. Why was the Florida Legislature not empowered to address this Un-American law during Governor Jeb Bush's two terms in Office? This law correctly amended and written to empower parents over teachers will be the ultimate game changer for eliminating socialized schooling one school at a time. The beholden interests of Charter School Developers are reluctant to support the Governing School Amendment as it would reduce the number of students vacated low-performing school to newly built charter schools. Developers realize that the Governing School Act is the right law for the right time in our history. There is no fix the cultural decay within the National Teachers Association "NEA" Teacher's unions. Their policies teachers handbook and manuals are to distorted to be reform primary and secondary education. For this to take on a trailblazing momentum throughout the 49 other states, developers will have to sacrifice their monopoly of the pool of distressed parents with children falling behind academically.  After all, it is about the nation excelling intellectually not the business model of a for-profit charter.
What makes Florida the trailblazer in the School choice movement is that the School's performance status has no bearing on whether they have the right to submit a Trigger Letter. Any two Parents can initiate the Conversion-to-Charter vote at the School at any time. Proponents do not have to wait for their Community's School to fail for decades before the takeover by Parents is warranted. Students do not have to wait sheepishly witnessing their future children's prospects dwindle as their “A” School deteriorates into a "D" School for lack of funding or because of the County School District's malfeasance, budget cuts or facility dilapidation or overcrowding. It is theirs to win or lose. 

'YES' Ballot Victory is Promising for the future without Public Bonds Financing


Once the yes vote prevails, the Parents can elect a Board and apply for a covenant agreement with the local County School Board. The 'Agreement will give specifics on how the School is to be administered going forward. If this approval is denied, the application of the Charter is appealable to the Florida Department of Education. The prospects of such a course of action have sufficient checks and balances for all parties involved. Governing School model facilitates local auspice and accountability, independent from local Public School Unions, omnipresent power over Teachers. Unlike a conventional Charter School, the economic prospect for a Governing School is more advantageous in that the existing School facilities are rent free from School District. Thus the call for the name change for these converted schools is so important. Because GS do not buy land and do not need a private developer to fund the development of a new school, it should be clear to advocates interested in pursuing this alternative for their community.

Governing School's Budget Surplus can be reinvested annually to modernize facilities without the need for school bond debt.

Communities of involved, proactive Parents can now band together and make efficient educational decisions, change textbooks, procurement priorities, alter curriculum implementation and save budget surpluses annually. The effect is monumental as the to reinvest the accumulated surpluses to redevelop, modernize and expand the facility without the need for school bond referendums. As these accumulating surplus are held in escrow, it is not unrealistic to envision a fund-raising platform formulated to invite community philanthropy to donate matching grants for rebuilding. TheFiscals have a compelling argument and this appealing method to rebuild and expand the Public School system one by one is groundbreaking. The paradigm to pillage the property owners with additional tax assessments to pay for repair unsafe antiquated Schools. These School ballot bond referendums are impartial as both renters and property owners vote in these elections, but only one party is burdened with the increase in property taxes.


The Chronology of the Key Biscayne K-8 Center first ballot based Parent Trigger in Florida History. 


After a previous group of parents led by Charles Vacsito and Angel Martin tried unsuccessfully to create a Municipal Charter High School within the Village's boundaries. Mr. Cambó (author) wrote his first guest commentary in 2008 spelling out a perfect Charter School on an available city-owned property adjacent to the existing Community Center. The advocacy intensified locally with three additional guest commentaries dispelling the notion that the Village Council top priority should be more park space. Mr. Cambó also applied pressure at County Hall and met with Miami-Dade School Board Commissioner Raquel Regalado. This effort played out from 2008-2013. The political leverage reaches a crescendo when circumstances arose when the legal leverage as articulated in public comments on August 22, 2011, site plan approval for the Oceana Condominium Development.

[The hearing in Village Council Chambers can be seen in the synopsis called "Money Trail for MAST Academy" Part I & II on MacontheRock Rampage YouTube Channel.]

In public comments, Q&A ensued by village community activist Manuel Cambó who probed the City Attorney, Mayor, and council member Michael Davey who ill prepared to debate the consequences of the Council's actions that demonstrated that green space concurrency was not mandatory nor a compelling argument. What became a negligent act of KB Zoning Board improper approval when it did not request a student station impact study as required for multi-unit residential developments in Florida. It was apparent the overcrowded school was never discussed between Building and Zoning officials and the Consultatio, or the developer Eduardo Constantini. 

Mr. Cambó strategy was obvious to Developer's Attorney John Shubin, that site plan approval was appealable by any citizen based on lack of the study. An appeal of a site plan approval by Village of Key Biscayne Zoning Board would delay groundbreaking six to ten months. It worked to leverage luxury high rise developer's designation of $(8) eight million voluntary contributions to green space purchase would not be rescinded by Consultatio, if the Village Council decided to use the money to expand the KB K8 Center to a K-12. The threat of a trigger letter to convert to charter the KB K8 Center into a K-12 mega school if a high school was not built on Virginia Key was also a possibility. Once Mr. Cambó was later elected as KB K8 Center PTA President. It was a deciding moment to complete the desires of Incorporation. a high was going to occur one way or another. 

The strategy was to threaten an appeal of a site plan approval by Village of Key Biscayne Zoning Board based on lack of student station impact study missing in the zoning package. It worked to leverage luxury high rise developer's eight million voluntary contributions to green space purchases and Community Center renovations instead to be contributed for the overcrowded, dilapidated KB K8 Center. The threat of a trigger letter to convert to charter the KB K8 Center into a K-12 mega school if a high school was not built on Virginia Key. Once Mr. Cambó was elected as KB K8 PTA President, it was clear that high school was finally a possibility one way or another.

The writing was on the wall for the MD School District. Either the Village of Key Biscayne enters into Inter-Local Agreement with MDPS and the municipality borrows ($9) nine million initially to build an expansion of MAST Academy Magnet school on an adjacent barrier island called Virginia Key. If this does not occur then the first ever conversion-to-charter effort will take place to convert the KB K-8 Center into a K-12 high school. Soon after Mr. Cambó election, the Interlocal Agreement between KB and MDPS  announced to the public. After several meeting at School Board downtown and in Village Council chambers heard notions authorized the ILA between the two governments. Included therein, the renovation of K-8 Center was insufficiently funded with only $(2) two million dollar commitment. The conversion effort would have called for a total demolition a 57-year-old building below sea level.

The eventual renovation did not add a single student station while original footprint remained the same. Today KBK8 Center continues to be 'A" school based on FCAT scores, but severe overcrowding persists, and four teachers were diagnosed with breast cancer as well as past Principal at the school. Lost in the dialogue was the fact that the A+ teachers themselves failed to demand A+ School building. It is as if they did not deserve one?  The Conversion proponents understood A+ teachers deserve a state of the art facility. The Proponents believed the fallback position politically would the setting a legal precedent in Florida. Uncovered in the malaise was exposing the law's unfair voting guidelines and un-American election deficiencies. 





What Hector Ceballos and I exposed was an egregious un-American Voting Law. It is wrought with closed society voting tactics, biased voting guidelines as well as a denial of free expression and open debate in the public square. Such much so that Parent proponents must subject their children to being abused by a teacher calling them out in fifth grade classroom to defend their parents actions, while classmates begin mob chants " No Charter" "No Charter"  alienating your Child and siding with the authority figure, you know, the schools system must be reinvented. These intimidation tactics United Teachers of Dade as well the Miami-Dade County Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and the Miami-Dade Public School (MDPS) had no bounds. Both Organizations called for the resignation of the Key Biscayne K8 Center PTA President successfully, as the "Kill the Messenger" campaign only furthered the tarnished reputation all involved. Unfortunately, two subsets of Parent interests exist. One group looking out for their Children's safety and security in dilapidated Schoolhouse and the other is only interested in preserving job security, avoiding retribution from the School District that occurred in South Dade a year earlier, called Neva King Cooper. 


107 K-8 Center Parents Demand the Resignation of the PTA President 


As predicted Miami-Dade County Parent Teachers Association (MDPTA) used the 'kill the messenger' approach to the Conversion-to-Charter campaign. A vote of PTA membership to demand KBCS PTA President Manuel Cambó resign was an illegal action on the part of the Florida PTA as per its bylaws. The Executive Board of KBPTA met in secret without its Chairman, and the very bylaws put safety in the school house as the high priority within its Purpose Clauses since it's founding. In this situation, the election would empower parents the authority to redevelop the school campus with an annual budget surplus. The stated reason was using his title on a flyer information postcard advocating for a yes vote. The Executive Meeting was called in the School Cafeteria without his knowledge in violation of the PTA bylaws. PTA Presidents also serve as chair of the PTA Executive Board. During a meeting of the membership in the school cafeteria, Ten Parents walked out in protest after yours truly dismissed the motion in violation of the FLPTA Bylaws.  The 'kill the messenger' strategy worked. Three days after accusing The PTA President of misusing his title in the conversion initiative,  Miami-Dade PTA used its title to host a Parent Q & A Forum excluding the Parent Proponent. The moment the proponents were not allowed on the School Administrator's panel freedom of Speech and Assembly was denied and with it the appropriate rebuttal for opposition to 'Yes" vote. This assumption will be put to a legal test on the merits in Federal Court in the trial Fernandez, Cristobal Ramirez v. School Board of Miami-Dade County Case# 15-cv-21915-GAYLES

The intimidation was sufficient to scare 400 KBCS parents abstained from voting. Weeks later the MDPS Teachers Union bloc voted 0-83 NO, and Parents intimidated by a threat from District Administration to commence school bussing off the island of Key Biscayne to the mainland voted 531-31 for 'No". It became evident the law had failed the people of Florida. Instead, a law designed to protect the students from poor performing schools or unsafe schools, in fact only gives Teachers union more power. The right of veto over the parent vote must not stand. Considering the Teacher's Union contract affiliations with MDPS and hierarchy of National Parents Teachers Association (NPTA) & Florida Parents Teachers Association (FLPTA), this is a very predictable adverse outcome. This acrimonious closed society educational environment will never be conducive to a better education in America. Failure to amend this Parent Empowerment law only gives School Districts more power to discourage change for the better. 





The snowball effect in the parallel universe is urban blight as the neighborhood schools fail. The District School culture gives away high school diplomas to failing students to avoid additional more overcrowding. The same occurs at different grade levels as children go on to the next grade without basic reading skills and study habits. This dynamic has proven to be prevalent. The intellectual genocide of American youth today has reached epic levels as High School students can not pass the immigrant test for citizenship. The FCAT statistics are clear, 50% of students in America are without the necessary communication skills to hold a high paying job and the jobless amongst our youth exceeds thirty percent. The hopelessness in the inner city usually leads to rioting and violence witnessed in the cities like Baltimore, Maryland, Detroit Michigan and Ferguson, Missouri is the perfect example.
If you are a Parent who still thinks the public school system can be reformed county by county or State by State, you are contributing to the intellectual genocide of America's youth. The institutional malaise in public schools cannot be reformed simply because the "back office" county administration continues to grow its bureaucracy. The unreasonable burden on property taxpayers is the funding paradigm that permits renters to participate school bond elections. 




While PTA is indifferent to parents plight it only facilitates the debt-ridden school district with relief by their fundraising efforts. TheFiscals offer total reinvention of the Public School. Our dynamic empowers parents to be reinventors, not reformists.   

Meanwhile supporting the status quo are Corporate Foundations like the Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations that dominated the teaching arena in the early 20th century. In the 21st Century, this organization is joined by the Gates Foundation who advocacy for 'Common Core' mandates. more disheartening. This new dynamic will influence Educational programs by providing tutorials to sell to desperate parents whose children are falling behind. These new learning products will add to the confusion of the failure in Public Education.

Let's stop it by supporting Florida Governing School Act. Otherwise, the Federal Government will continue to support these Foundations with its old Imperial Power over the States, mandating a National Educational curriculum standards. These mandates never materialize in academic achievements. Instead, more of same destitute youth with no skills to support a family of four. This another contributing factor of the low birth in America.

Running parallel to large district-run school facilities with 1000's of students in overcrowded conditions, the School choice movement of Charter Schools is too slow to solve the quagmire instead only mitigate the rate of the overcrowding problem. Over the last 20 years, Charter School industry has only successfully enrolled 10% of the total US Student population Nationwide.  At this rate, parents will be waiting another 60 years just to reach 50% of the public school student population.


Public Education is not mandated in the US Constitution

If Public Education was intended to be the responsibility and Furthermore of the Federal Government, the Framers would have Stated so in the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, the Supreme Court case San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez in 1973 clearly stated that the 14th Amendment does not apply to unequal property tax funding scheme established by the State legislatures and addressed in State Constitutions. The Valparaiso University Law Review, Vol. 30, No. 2 [1996], Art. 6 made this assessment of Rodriguez court case in 1996. 
"History has shown that even when fairness issues are resolved, the problems remain with the effectiveness of that funding. Schools do not pass the benefits of increased funding on to youngsters. We contend that any solution through the judicial process will be inadequate. We believe that seeking a solution to a matter of fundamental fairness through the adversarial process can give us, at best, limited results. We suggest that while the courts can identify the wrong, they are incapable of providing effective remedies by adjusting formulas or mandating expenditures. Remedies are more appropriately found in the political process, by exhorting a fairness standard for the legislature to adopt, or by providing citizens with the opportunity to opt out of traditional and inadequate public school structures."
Since the subject of Education is not addressed in US Constitution, it is evident the Tenth (10th) Amendment applies. This means the sole responsibility falls on the individual States to educate their residents. It makes sense that States are more apt to allocate funding and establish teaching standards based on the geography and cultures of its inhabitants. This organic understanding, coupled with the inherent natural resources and dichotomies, education professionals must cater their crafts and skills around Employment opportunities available within each state. The Framers had infinite wisdom beard by suffering and despair of colonial rule. What was is clearly understood is natural Law. Education and competition among the states who provide the best path to self-fulfillment and promise. What American do not desire is Socially engineering from the Federal Government. It is up to the States to recruit the brightest and hardest working Citizens to reside in their state because of their local schooling. The DOE as a Cabinet-level position allows the Executive branch to coerce States. Presidential dictums are temporary in exchange for Federal funding. This dynamic should be unconstitutional. Nevertheless, either way this incompatibility with the Republic and should be the legal basis of abolishing The Federal Department of Education. Instead, Federal educational grants to the states can only be spent on facilities expansion and the modernization of physical school infrastructure. This should be similar to the funding for Interstate Highway System. 
NOTE: President Jimmy Carter made DOE a cabinet level position. Candidate, Ronald Reagan's primary campaign pledged to defeat incumbent President Jimmy Carter, was the abolishment of the US Department of Education.  President Reagan never accomplished that campaign promise. TheFiscals want to do this for TheGipper.
The Root of the Failure of Public Schooling began with the Progressive Movement


“In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the People yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive Rural folk. We shall not try to make these People, or any of their Children into Philosophers, or Men of Learning, or of Science. We are not to raise up among them Authors, Orators, Poets, or Men of Letters. We shall not search for any embryo great Artists, Painters, Musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humble ambition to raise up from among them Lawyers, Doctors, Preachers, or Statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply."
Frederick T. Gates (1913) [ Occasional Papers I ]
Director of Charity for John D. Rockefeller Foundation
John D. Rockefeller's finances the Leipzig Connection at the First Teacher's College University of Chicago 
America's first billionaire John D. Rockefeller made the greatest negative impact on education with his private funding to the General Education Fund. By monopolizing the influence over education, Rockefeller assured his family wealth for generations. The upper class preserved but for lower classes a workman's wage and the perfect assembly line worker. These methods were formulated by very large Education grants beginning in 1918 to create workers not free thinkers or innovators for his businesses. The timing with little resistance during the onset of The Industrial Revolution. Rockefeller personally donated large educational grants to the early studies in compulsory education in America. He sought to wipe away all the Puritan and Quaker ethos in teaching in the process. The highly successful public schools in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia are now the least performing today.  These family monopolies were also known for their Central Banking interests. So it was assured that the money flowed in a manner to leverage their benefits. It is not debatable that the teaching practices incorporated were instrumental in institutionalizing factory environment of laborers for mass production jobs. The embodiment of this philosophy was the recreation of a large district School model for 'big city' America. Gone was the small school house in every corner. The small Parochial puritan public school became the private school. Today only the State of Massachusetts has survived to be a decent Public School System. This collective Social re-engineering studies initiated at the University of Chicago's first Teacher's College. Similar endowments at Ford, Carnegie and J.P Morgan Foundations and were aimed at limiting competition of the masses while preserving family fortunes as well. 
The "Rich get Richer" approach was executed perfectly. Indoctrination of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle as the labor model was perfect for the goals of the Progressive Movement. Most of the think tanks look to this University as the institution by blind support for studies of social collectivism, not individualism. The Democratic Party always draws attention to the flaws of the community. The Republican Party focuses its attention to the individual awakening. Fast forward to events of the late 1900's, these formulations as the cornerstone of statism. Liberalism philosophy gets its ideals and goals like think tanks like Brookings Institute and the Center for American Progress. There lies all eco-political system for collective bargaining in the public sector. What became a Society of Assembly Line Workers in a robust Industrialized Economy. The Society of Government subsistence has expanded a nation of the uneducated. When the manufacturing jobs in America disappeared so did the economically vibrant middle class. When the nuclear family disappeared with the No-Fault Laws the low birth rate increased. These same Industrialists and corporatist exported their American Labor and manufacturing in Communist China. That is radical Corporate extremism of the left. 

The 'Progressivirusdictum' (1912-2012 ) 

The establishment of compulsory schooling in the early 20th century was supposed to have two benefits for Society. It was intended to eradicate illiteracy in the farmland especially in the Deep South and mitigate poverty. It has failed at both. The scheme failed because it deviates from Puritan and Quaker educational disciplines of self-reliance and in the process the respect for authority and your Elders, good manners and obedience to the reading discipline. By denying someone an opportunity to develop an aptitude in the understanding of unalienable rights and the thorough concept of Liberty, a hapless society fills the vacuum. In exchange for secular advocacy, the separation of Church and State premise only facilitates the indoctrination of the masses to accept a life paycheck to paycheck. The result is a debased quest of mind control for a very unachievable milestone for the middle-class collective consuming every dollar they made in their working lives. A free Society must be based on the opposite. Obedience to work ethics, perfecting one's skill in the name of individualism, Faith-based fortitude and a self-reliant desire to provide for a Family. 

Once these institutions of intellectual dynamics are suspect, individuals with power and influence will develop their own strategy on how to educate the masses. These unpredictable combinations of coercive tools of the Central Government like standardizing testing, gargantuan textbook publishing companies along with educational philanthropy of central banking families to Universities, indoctrination is indistinguishable from applied learning. When philosophical malignancy is called Corporatism any eyewitness to these events can clearly envision its debased theories.These accreditations are necessary to maintain 'legitimacy' in dispensing diplomas and degrees to Graduates. When this criterion is impacted by Presidential mandates in combination with Labor Union politics to win elections and Presidential support for collective bargaining agreements, intellectual tyranny and underachievement for the masses is commonplace. Puritan and Quaker ethos in education emphasized reading and research disciplines, cognitive recognition and repetition practices became outdated teaching paradigms. 

The following is a timeline on how the originators of Compulsory Public Education in America hijacked the Puritan reading disciplines and Quaker ethos in early American education and replaced them with an experimental psychology testing of students in "cause and effect" analysis and controlled experiments formulated in Nazi Germany. There is no historical context of events more evident than Leipzig's experiment. This timing of events made it impossible to detect its protagonists and their devious intents. The formulation of the mind control techniques in public schools went unnoticed during the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars that ran congruently. These experimental Psychologists succeeded at mind control. Today, 51% of the US population receives a Government subsidy of some kind. Meanwhile, four million teenagers are living on the street. Millions more a raised in Fatherless homes. While the computer is raising our Children today without Parents understanding its reverence in American society. Most with a job seek material things of little value and are financing more than 25% of their gross salary in credit card interest debt. All told, 90% of the American worker is one month's pay from homelessness. The following is a list of the cast of characters that pioneered intellectual framework for the Progressive Movement debased philosophy of creating directors of your destiny and mine. 


The origins of the Intellectual Disaster


It all began with the creation by US Congress of the General Education Board in 1903. Through John D. Rockefeller's founding of the University of Chicago and urging the Board to implement "experimental psychology "methods to establish a paradigm in public education.  The research was formulated the original staff of professors at the first Teachers College at UC. Over the course of decades, the Rockefeller Foundation's Education grants amounting to over $180 million dollars in the last fifty years alone. The "cause and effect' indoctrination method on students establishes the multiple choice exam instead of essay exams. 
This disenfranchisement began at the University of Chicago's Experimental Psychology Lab. These experiments were well documented, initiated by German Psychologists within the Eugenics movement. This movement's sole purpose was to advance theories in breeding intelligence. This was popular fodder among New York's High Society. Namely, the Vanderbilts, Carnegie, Ford, and many other billionaire families in its philanthropic circles before World War I. It became more popular trend post-WWII.  In the dark cellars of the Third Reich archives are a series of white paper analysis, to establish false paradigms for learning by stimuli and response. Lead by renowned German Experimental Psychologist Wilhelm Wundt in 1880. His protégés were notably Dr. Pavlov, Herbert, Fechner, and Skinner, and together they established a new Educational Syllabus for Public Education. All this activity was funded by and under the leadership of Raymond B. Fosdick, a personal counsel of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and a classmate of Woodrow Wilson at Princeton University. More than a century later, The Progressive Movement debased sense of equality without accountability is embedded in the American psyche. It is so pervasive it acts like a computer virus without a firewall of public consciousness. Thus the " manuscript term repeated throughout the ebook. People in political power with these debased theories are the basis of debased government. Unnecessary mindless agencies and regulations that waist taxpayer money. Their policy manuals negatively impact teaching methods, curriculum content, and most of all avenues to correct ineffective bureaucracies. A century later this mediocrity of social unconsciousness has affected jury pools in their righteousness to find guilt in the arena of justice and jurisprudence. Much of the subject matter has been disproven fallacies of statism. The entire liberal view of the economy, history, and the planet's scientific environment are out of context. The residual effects have morphed into a bastardized thought processes debased sense of fairness that only be administered by Government through coercion.  All told expanded Central Government has replaced Religion in Society. Local auspice has been replaced by central planning and social engineering behavior. Liberty without accountability and self-reliance principles is anarchy by vote. Without these cornerstones of individualism, there is not the possibility of social mobility and raised income availability for the majority of The United States. This false statist philosophy is so widespread it is Political bipolar Personality disorder of the left that is so pervasive on a mass scale it causes the two Political parties to treat each other as crime Families misspending the taxpayer's money. It is carried on by generations of Liberal minds and Political agnostics in power who vote for proponents of government largess. Progressive think tanks like the Center for Foreign Relations pool the intellect in diplomatic corps funded by Philanthropic Institutions are apt to generate continuous white paper to validate this perspective. These white papers continue in a more sophisticated fashion as formulations promising positive outcomes that never materialize. Liberal Progressive Endowments, large American Socialist groups, and Central Banking Foundations seek the ultimate goal in mind: a dictum to expand Secularism, Environmentalism, Feminism, Bisexualism, and Hedonism in the name of Collectivism.
TheFiscals seek a Coup d' tat in Public Education

TheFiscals goal to have the Governing School Act passed in all (50) States. This movement success would reduce the number of schools County School district's administer statewide, thus allowing District Administrators and their professionals to dedicate more resources to the neediest students in the disadvantaged neighborhood. The coup d' tat in Public Education, means Parents acting as Guardians of individual School budgets. Since this is most likely to occur in more affluent neighborhoods that can retain their surpluses, it would quite beneficial to property owners to modernize their own schools instead of depending on voters casting ballots for school education bonds. Decades after decades County School districts show budget deficits annually. Parent have been praying for a method to change this funding dynamic for decades, the answer has arrived by the amended Florida's 1996 Parent Empowerment Law and rebranding it as the Governing School Act in Florida and then to the other [50] States.
Public Education monopoly of unionized teachers and the County School District coercion over a Teacher's desire to teach Student individually and creatively must stop.
"Governor, my daughter Una and I have done our part, please do your part, let's get to work, demand the Parent Empowerment Law be amended by changing a three letter word to a two letter word; how elementary! "
- MacontheRock
at a private fundraiser with Florida Gov. Rick Scott (2013)
note: The is a perfect rebuttal for school Choice bloggers to anti-school choice proponents:   [Feel Free to Cut & Paste]
I believe it high time to stop taking advantage of property owners by using the ballot box where renters get to vote on approving construction bond financing to modernize schools at the county level. Florida Parent Empowerment Law 1002.33 (3b) is the only direct "ballot based" Parent trigger law in the US. It needs to be amended to eliminate Teacher's union veto power in separate ballot box elections where parent proponent must win both elections to administer the school budget as a governing board. This is the moment in history revert to re-branded The Florida Empowerment Law as the Governing School Act. Log on www.governingschool.com advocates for it in your state. This is more empowering idea to reduce the size and scope of all the facilities that School Districts manage. All school districts nationwide continue being coalesced politicians, union bosses, labor pension administrators, attorneys while being coerced by US Federal Department of Education. Unified neighborhoods should feel compelled to call the vote of the student body to seek parents to vote YES to act guardian of school's budget. This affords the great opportunity to save budget surpluses annually simply by private procurement and bids. These surpluses can be accumulated for the redevelopment of aging facilities. The Governing Boards will be elected by parent participating in reinvented PTA culture.
The key to solving the malaise in public school was thought to be a teacher in the classroom. It is not. It is a combination padlock in the Principal office. Call the intra-school vote save surpluses annually, then demonstrate your school is worthy of Corporate matching grant sponsorship from the largest employer, foreign embassies and/or Chamber of Commerce in your locality in exchange for the sponsor's tracking students academically throughout the K-12 career. This will create a priority list for a company's entry-level jobs upon high graduation. Better yet, a student with the more promising achievements will be rewarded with scholarships to advance them academically at College or trade school. In the process of spreading its state to state the political wave calling for the elimination of US Department of Education. Now the same Federal Dollars go directly the State's Department of Education (SDOE).The Governing Schools that achieved surpluses get priority for state matching grants dedicated solely for facilities, not curriculums.
Parents your children are not prepared for the 21st Century workforce. Grow up America take back your community's school.www.governingschool.org 
The American Free Press has been For Sale for Over a Century
"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it".

"There is no such thing, at this date of the World's history in America, as an Independent Press. You know it and I know it". "There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone."

"The business of the Journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his Country and his Race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an Independent Press?"

"We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other Men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
                                                                     - John Swinton (1829-1901)
The John Swinton Paper    
New York Sun      
New York Times



In order to convince the oblivious minded that American Society is not better when the Central Government claims to mitigated societal ills, it must first convince the like minded they possess a higher sense of fairness and equality as directors of your destiny and mine.  Do not make the mistake we made in being interviewed in the local newspaper. The local media is not on your children's side or seeking their best interest. Their interest is promoting unanswered grievances to sell newspapers not solutions. 




Do not look to the local Press or the National Newspaper publishing Companies to report truth in context of the pervasive failure of the Progressive's Public School System. Your effort to reinvent your neighborhood school will never be supported in the media. (See Article below) The front page Miami Herald online article December 07 2012 and in the paper version in Sunday Edition of that week was a perfect example of the distorting events and intent of the highest order for a Major Newspaper. The Miami Herald beat Reporter Laura Insensee failed to write an altruistic story of a PTA President filing the first ever direct ballot based Parent Trigger letter in Florida History. Instead Manuel Cambó, with intimate knowledge of the Charter School Educational model, was represented as a front man for his sibling, a Charter School Developer, who had no involvement in the effort whatsoever. The goal for the two PTA officers at the Key Biscayne K-8 Center was to stop a $5 Million dollar renovation of a dilapidated 57- year old school without expanding it or to mitigate present overcrowding. Over the course of 25 years the School District had been siphoning off over $1 Million dollars from the School's administration budget. Schools converted into Governing Schools en masse in the future compulsory public schooling.

Instead the Herald's Editors and the reporter set out to formulate a narrative devious PTA President to funnel business Charter School Developer and Family member. Charter School Developers do not want District run schools to convert in existing school properties. This would dry up disenfranchised students as candidates for enrolling in a charter school in newly developed campuses. The better and more rare story is one of person applying principles to circumstances by putting their Community interests over family interests. These virtues were lost in America and should be emphasized by journalists to their readers when the moment arise. Miami Herald Newspaper in an underhanded manner chose the envy theme over parent empowerment, leadership and fortitude.

The editors at the Miami Herald were given marching orders to keep the privatization narrative of school choice of all public schools alive. The motive was simple keep your highest paying advertising client the Miami-Dade School District as the most consistent monthly advertiser in the Miami Herald print media. , The reporting needs to sell School choice as a threat to taxpayer financed socialist education. Although the Parent proponent at KBK-8 had a older brother in the Charter development business . The link was never established by tying the brothers in a financial scheme to buy the KB-K8 Center for profit charter business. This implication was disingenuous journalism at a minimum. It is a known fact that Charter School Developers are interested in parents taken back a district run school. They perfer and enviourment of disgruntled parent schoosing to remove thier children from undisirable school to attend new charter schools.

The most effective proven method to slow the expansion of school choice , is to disenfranchise Parents into believing socialized School District run education is better because it is secular and not for profit. This agenda is Bipolar because in Capitalistic society all education should be driven by one goal: to prepare a young individual to hold a job, sustain a family in a life self-reliance and self-sufficiency. In the article this is achieved first by distorting facts, second by ignoring the Castaldi Study, an engineering study commissioned by the School District in 2009, that concluded the 50 year old School was to be razed because it contained asbestos was cost deficient to renovate it. 

The Village of Key Biscayne is an affluent Neighborhood paying its lion share of school taxes, far greater than it receives from Miami-Dade County Public schools, (MDPS). The Municipality should have an Elementary School above flood criteria for a barrier island. This fact was ignored as the K8 Center's basic footprint remained the same, after ($5) five million dollar taxpayer funded renovation was completed in 2014, it failed to expand the facility or add a single student station.  During the renovation of the old portion of the campus, (4) four KB K-8 teachers have been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, while overcrowding continues as KB K-8 Center has reached 150% of capacity with an average of 36 students per class in contradiction to Florida's Class Size Amendment. After a video was taken by the Parent Proponents of YES vote went viral, showing severe flooding during marginal rains, the Municipality of the Village Key Biscayne had to fund the installation of a larger pump and storm water drain pipes during the summer before 2015-2016 academic year.




"If the American Public School System is not reinvented immediately, another 65 years of Progressivirus formulas will bring the American People to its knees intellectually. A society of emotionally bankrupt youth begging for a free ride on that particular road to serfdom many pinnacle nations of Europe have travelled by, has the only one destination; the oblivion of American culture as the disunited States of America."



Post-Election Failure Continues


The effort began with a letter dated October 04, 2012 to Miami-Dade School Board Attorney addressing the desire of Manuel A. Cambó and Hector Ceballos as parents, not as PTA President and Vice-President respectively, the desire to force the vote to convert-to-charter and participate in negotiation on ballot process for the first Parent Trigger vote in Florida history. The Miami Herald's front page article in print in December's Sunday edition as well as the online version was egregious effort to paint a picture of coy developer seeking to take over a A rated School. The article dedicated over 50% of the content on the rental income of the Charter School Developer presently received from MDPS. The reporter Ms. Insensee neglected to report what was discussed in the the interview a desire to save  $1,083,000.00 dollars in budget surpluses discovered  2013 KB K-8 Center's school budget.

If the Key Biscayne community of highly educated parents failed to recognize the potential in acting as Parent Guardians of their school's budget, thus failed to set the example for the rest of South Florida , what can the less educated neighborhoods with failing schools expect to achieve under present conversion to charter law?


The key to fixing the Public School is not in the classroom as previously thought. It is the combination lock at the Principal's office. Oppositioon group who desire the status quo act as if the School District run Schools are not about for-profit. It is School bureaucrats salaries and pension benefits who are profitting from the malaise. This pay structure is at the expense of under paid Teachers. The Newspaper's pursue this narrative Nationwide to preserve the extraordinary advertising revenue procured by School District administrations in print media. Without the School District print advertising budget annually for all communication and notices needs on a daily basis all major newspaper companies cannot survive financially, especially in small school districts Statewide. The Miami Herald did the MDPS bidding to defeat the conversion to the Governing School initiative, nothing more nothing less. If successful at amending the Law by changing the empowerment law, the new Governing School Act would spread Countywide, then Statewide, then Nationwide. Florida as the only state with a ballot- based Parent Trigger law would be the trailblazer state to reinvent the Public School System in the United States. 




What could be more empowering than Parents acting mature to save the accumulated budget surpluses annually and recruiting the local philanthropic community to matching grants to modernize and expand your community School, instead of school district bonds ? The Governing School Act will reknit the American fabric through responsibility and maturity of American parents.    



Parent Conversion proponents at the KB K-8 Center face enormous obstacles for a ballot box victory. 


#1 MDPS refusal to release before the vote in a timely manner, the actual KB K-8 Administration Budget to audit and to show the budget surplus at a general meeting of parents.
#2 MDPS refusal to allow Proponents to make a formal presentation with a Q & A presentation on School grounds to explain these benefits of a 'Yes' Vote.
#3 Denial of participation in panel discussions at School District hosted Parent Forums. To clearly State the benefits of the demolition of a 57 year old dilapidated condition of the school, was unsustainable Financially as per a "Castaldi Study and Release of the true nature of the asbestos mitigation in the School's past.
 #4 Refusal to disclose new Post-Katrina FEMA regulations preventing below sea level School renovations without elevating Public buildings above flood and storm surge specifications.
 #5 Without the support of the School Principal all information is slanted towards a "No" vote with threats of School bussing and Teachers leaving in droves.

Governing Schools is an additional School choice model and not to be confused with a conversion to Charter. It is very Important to note the Charter School Development Community will not support the Governing School movement sweeping the Nation. It is a very effective proactive method to administering a Public School while affording the opportunity to modernize School buildings without perpetual need to issue School Bonds by ballot initiatives. Charter School Developers will view this School choice alternative as direct competition for recruiting disgruntled Parents, with underachieving Students, looking for an alternative to a district run Public School. The Governing School has a distinct benefit, it does not pay rent for the School facility on School District owned property. Without rent obligation nor immediate land purchase or construction financing, nor a need to market to fill Student body rolls, it becomes the School model of preference. Governing School is the end all be all to reinventing the Public School System. If amended as TheFiscals suggests, no longer will Parents who care for their Community be subjected to misinformation campaigns by the District, Teacher's Unions and internal staff at the School. This new model will spread to the other (49) forty-nine States.

After a victory in the Intra-School vote, Community involvement participated in focus groups, and some Parental leadership explained the application process, and the election of a Board as Guardian of the Finances. This is to be completed for County School Board approval within 90 days of the Yes victory. If the School disapproves of the Parent's application, there is an appeals process to the Department of Education. It has the final say.

This is proof positive that media Journalists are complicit in America's Public School failure. The notion that the Public School can be reinvented Nationwide is not appealing to print media. Even after half a Century of ineffectual reform and conclusive data of Adults not able to read or articulate, Parents are unable to understand the nature of the ineptitude. The Federal Government has designated ten times more Federal dollars on Public Education in the last 30 years to no avail. Parent infighting and pervasive Divorce and out of wedlock births only make matters worse. Presently over 4 Million Children are homeless in America.  The results have not changed, massive overcrowding persists, more dilapidated School facilities, dismal graduation rates, and diplomas are literally given away and not earned. Most High School Graduates can't read at Grade level and do not survive three Semesters at Community Colleges or Universities.


The 2010 Florida Parent Empowerment Law once amended will become the Governing School Act, only then can the reinvention of the Public School System commence. 



( *amended words strikeout replaced in Green )


(a) An application for a new charter Governing school may be made by an individual, teachers, parents, a group of individuals, a municipality, or a legal entity organized under the laws of this state.
(b) An application for a conversion to charter governing school shall be made by the district school board, the principal, teachers, parents, and/or the school advisory council at an existing public school that has been in operation for at least 2 years prior to the application to convert. A public school-within-a-school that is designated as a school by the district school board may also submit an application to convert to charter governing school status. An application submitted proposing to convert an existing public school to a charter governing school shall demonstrate the support of at least 50 +1 percent of the teachers employed at the school and OR 50 + 1 percent of the parents voting whose children are enrolled at the school, provided that a majority of the parents eligible to vote participate in the ballot process, according to rules adopted by the State Board of Education. The vote for conversion shall be required to be completed within ninety (90) days from the date the school administrator receives the written request for a vote.  The local school district shall be required to make certain mandatory disclosures once a school administrator receives the written request to conduct a vote.  Within seven (7) days of receipt of the written request, the local school district shall provide to the person requesting the vote the following items (1) a list containing the names of each parent with children enrolled at the school at that time, (2) a list containing the names of each teacher who is eligible to vote, (3) a detailed budget showing all expenses and all state and federal revenues generated over the previous three years for the particular district operated school for which a vote for conversion has been requested.  At least fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of any vote, the local school district shall permit the person requesting the vote to utilize the school cafeteria or its equivalent, at the school that is the subject of the vote, to hold a meeting at a reasonable time to provide information to the parents and teachers in support of the vote.  The person who requested the vote shall be entitled to organize and Chair the meeting and to provide written educational material to the parents and teachers who attend the meeting.  The persons who requested the vote shall be entitled to have a designee assigned to work with the school administrator to confirm that the initial notification has been mailed to all eligible voters and that all ballots have been mailed to the eligible voters and to be present at the time of balloting in order to confirm the voters eligibility and witnessing the voters casting the ballot.  The person who requested the vote shall be entitled to draft the content of the initial notification to the parents and teachers, describing the purpose of the vote and the conditions for the balloting process as well as the content of the ballot itself.  A district school board denying an application for a conversion to charter Governing school shall provide notice of denial to the applicants in writing within 10 days after the meeting at which the district school board denied the application. The notice must articulate in writing the specific reasons for denial and must provide documentation supporting those reasons. A private school, parochial school, or home education program shall not be eligible for charter Governing School status.



Making Florida History in Defeat: The Legal Precedent was set!

Hector Ceballos and Manuel Cambó, thought that getting front-page news coverage in the Miami Herald in the Sunday edition was the magic bullet to success for a new modern safe school that both the Teachers and Students deserved. After all Key Biscayne K-8 Center was the best K-8 Center in Miami Dade. We thought that this was the breakthrough that we were looking for to get our Community's support and force the 4th largest School District in the US to call the vote. This would have been the first in Florida History. This would set the legal precedent for all Florida's Parents in the process. It had been 16 years since the Law was first signed into law in 1997. No Parents dared to apply it to a School for all reasons mentioned above. As it turned out, once the article hit the newsstands, it became the biggest obstacle to overcome, as the article undermined our efforts with untruths.  Five (5) days after the article ran on December 12th, the Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown School Massacre took place. Advocating for a new School building is synonymous with a more secure School. The Community should have embraced the effort passionately on timing alone. Not supporting this effort as Parents, Teachers and Principals are ignoring that reality. Our Community failed miserably as mature adults to set an example to the rest of South Florida. This alone says more about the Country and our State of Public schooling than anything else. The infamous cliché, "when everyone is thinking alike, someone is not thinking" definitely applies to the PTA Executive board at all County School levels. Its culture is to uphold District bureaucracy not in the Teachers interest. Within its culture resides the epicenter of intellects of Statism. It is the bastion of the entire personality disorder and progressive philosophy.

Lets' explain this negative dynamic further as the children watched as their PTA President was forced to resign. The School District's misinformation campaign began with take home communicators to Parents. It included an information sheet ripe with scare tactics, and threats of busing our children to other overcrowded feeder Schools off the Island to mainland Miami 9 miles away. The success of this campaign was clearly demonstrated by the vote tally: not a single Teacher voted Yes to convert, while 83 voted 'No'. Ironically poetic was the one ballot where a Parent/Teacher voted yes as a Parent, and no as a Teacher. It was counted as invalid due to squabbling handwriting.

This was a watershed moment for the School choice movement; either Parents stop pleading for reform to School Administrators or start firing Triggers Letters and stop crying to Parent Teacher's Associations, neither are interested in reinventing schools. Take back your School by Guardianship of the individual School budget. As parent stand up to force the vote, County by County and disrupt the institution by ballot in intra-school elections, families will be fortifide, communities will be empowered to rebuild their school one by one.  

The insidious nature and the degree of intimidation that their Children suffer in class by the Teachers, or opposition Parents not letting your Child associate with their Child, cannot be understated. Consider this, when a Teacher's animosity raises the questioning of a fifth grader in class, to explain their Parent's motives for calling the vote, something is terribly wrong in American Democratic society. Then the daughter of the PTA President and proponent has to stand up for herself and makes the case that causes an uncontrollable class chant in objection, because the Teacher eggs them on, is unacceptable. Although Union Teachers behavior is no surprise, subjecting your own Children to abuse by Teachers can never be fully comprehended by other Parents. It is a strong message; don't dare try to save your Child's future from School District's cultural malaise, or incompetence, or closed Society mob mentality will succeed. Point in fact, the parental vote was 31 Yes - 531 voted 'No' while more than (200) two hundred Families did not voting at all. Teacher union voted unanimously 0-83 No.

If you are a Parent who finds comfort in criticizing the School Choice Movement with the claim that this is nothing more than the privatization effort of the Public School System, then you are the problem. Just sit back, hand your Child the remote control, and watch them work part-time at low paying odd jobs. Foreign Students are qualifying at twice the success rate for College Scholarships to America's best Universities than Children from American High Schools. Foreign Students are more prepared, and more likely to graduate in four years. This will result in brighter futures when they return home to China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, and the rest to Eastern European Countries. If they decide to stay in the US to compete against your Children in the workplace, your Children are out of a job; because most Foreign Students in America are multi-lingual. If they go back to their homeland because the American Student Visa Law does not encourage them to stay, they are likely taking jobs at American Companies who are established overseas. Todays prospects for employment requires rapid recall, novel ideas, initiative finesse and the temp in innovation, not an overconfident personality living a virtual World. The high self-esteem and grandiose entitlement attitudes Americans are famous for is surreal.  Download the Law's text on this website and get it passed in your State.


The Ultimate Evidence of the Public School Status Quo:


Statistics from the US Patent Office indicate that Foreigners have more Patents Pending than US citizens.


The US Department of Education (DOE) has zero accomplishments since it was elevated to a cabinet level position by President Jimmy Carter. Naturally while the Secretary of Education has such a high level position, Education funding is tied to Presidential dictums to impose Nationwide curriculum standards, instead of Federal money dedicated solely for Facility modernization and School expansion. Federal funding is incongruent with the fundamentals of teaching; local auspice by Parents and attention to repetition, focus, reading disciplines, math aptitude and disciplined rituals for years of class time until Graduation day.

It is politically inconvenient for a U.S. President to eliminate this 'Top Down' Imperial Power of Department of Education's financial allocation. This is the only method for a Chief Executive to leave his philosophical mark on American Society. If his predecessor was making headway, and was from the opposing Political Party, redirecting the educational emphasis is automatic. As time runs out in a President's term in Office, the educational vision for the Country is turned upside down for better or for worse. This Political dynamic is incompatible with the art of teaching, and the science of learning. It is also inconsistent with applying basic disciplines, and ignores where Federal funding should be mandated; the expansion of School Facilities in States where there is population growth. This dynamic at the Executive branch can only create 'moving targets' for the (50) fifty State Departments of Education while Federal benchmarks are never achieved. Not only has the Federal Government failed to execute any real improvement in Public Education statistics, but every major literary category shows competing Nations of the Industrialized World out ranking the United States.

Lack of authority over infrastructure spending perpetuates the coddling of the voting Public's benevolence at the expense of the real estate owners who are swindled by the increase in Property Taxes to pay expired General Obligation Bonds. This formula does not work. The voting Public is largely made up of renters, meanwhile School facilities across the Country continue to crumble to the ground or float away in coastal areas during floods and hurricanes. This was evident in Mississippi and Alabama after Hurricane Katrina destroyed 85 schools in Louisiana alone. New Orleans Parish Schools were rebuilt in less than two years by Charter School Developers, and funding by taxing Districts for an alternative School choice one year previous to the storm's arrival. Yet in Key Biscayne Florida, demolition was not an option, and the school was not raised, ignoring new FEMA requirements put in place, even though MDPS won $1.2 Billion Dollar Bond approval by the voters in November 2013. The conversion could have eliminated those plans but the 'No vote' prevailed. Instead, another 1.6 Billion was awarded to MDPS in Bond referendum by the voter who by majority are renters and will not pay off these Bonds directly because they do not own property.

In addition, the US Court system in several States have heard cases of owners protesting Bond referendum ballots. Each time, the Courts have concluded that since all Citizens pay some form of tax or another  then all renters can obligate real estate property owners to pay higher Property Taxes to fund Schools, Libraries, Fire, Police stations with bond funded by them exclusively. So forget about the Legal System correcting this disparity in funding model.

Redevelopment of dilapidated Schools by the way of Governing Schools is more effective that will create an Economic boom to Neighborhoods. If the American People fail to pass The Governing School Act in all [50] fifty States, the'reform lexicon will continue to no resolution other than the statist swindlers will continue to own the narrative, pleading for more funding and making headlines as our children are unprepared for the future.

If the incentive to own real estate is eliminated, then the alternative is blighted Neighborhoods. Poverty stricken Neighborhoods always begin with Schools becoming poor Schools, then poor Students become poorly educated populations that cannot sustain or operate Businesses located there. Once the self-reliant are faced with the financial difficulties to maintain their holdings, abandonment of property is the only option.

The perfect example of what TheFiscals want to end, is the transformation of one of America's greatest Cities just 45 years ago, the bankrupt City of Detroit, Michigan. Its falling real estate values created massive flight Capital, and the flight of the Middle Class to other States that have less Urban blight, resulting in a 30% unemployment rate and 65% Commercial vacancies in the suburbs. In a Society of renters, it is not logical nor viable, to burden property owners to pay ransom in the form of Bond debt, if the Public School System does not perform at a high level of Education for the Student. Less Education in a Society that cannot make informed decisions at the ballot box, only means more people who are unable to afford to own real estate to pay for future Education Bonds. If you want to eliminate this is Political Bipolar of Liberalism and another unintended consequence of the Progressivirus. The only firewall is to reinvent the Public School system. If you play along to get along with statists, the United States will not be able to compete on the World Stage. Look at "The Fix" when the brightest minds try to reform failed system. 

Facebook's Founder gets Schooled by New Jersey Mayor Booker and his Statists

Mark and Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg Philanthropy pledged $100 Million to Newark School District and it was misspent by consultants and focus groups with zero increase in graduation rates or new schools in Camden, New Jersey.

DoGoogleit yourself:  "Schooled" The NewYorker issue May 19 2014"

A School District is obligated to elevate the intellectual possibilities of Children of the Inner City as top priority. These Students who live in the most socially challenged family units, in the poorest Neighborhoods, should not be condemned to a life of destitution and Public welfare on the backs of taxpayers. How does this form of coerced dependency benefit the Republic?

It does say allot about the integrity. $100 million donation wasted under the leadership Newark New Jersey School District under the leadership of Camden Mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie is proof positive that reform is impossible. After further review, an audit revealed a 'zero' new schools or improvement in test scores nor Graduation rates. After some investigation both officially and by NewYorker Magazine's Dale Russakoff revealed a sophisticated con job. New Jersey State Education Commissioners. Collectively these bureaucrats awarded management of Newark's Administration budget to reform Consultants. These Consultants were paid over $20 million in fees for case studies dumb alternatives. Companies like Tusk Strategies ($1.3 Million), and Global Education Advisors ($2.8 Million) were the first to admit that they received millions of dollars in Education Consulting fees to set up trial balloons, Teacher evaluation and retention programs, case studies, focus forums, and poorly attended Neighborhood meetings, that ultimately provided no empirical evidence that the Education conditions were improving for the Newark Students in the South Ward. The entrenched Statist School Board bureaucracy, opportunist Politicians, and the National Teachers Union political machinery, always brings out the opposition vote during Election.


"Parents understand that teaching is the fine art of painting on different canvases in one classroom all at the same time. Each Student is a potential painting, depicting a different story of happiness in self reliance or sadness on Government dependency. We Parents must treat Teachers as the artists they really are." 


In Florida 'The Fix" is similar:


Neva King Cooper Special Needs School Principals end up in the County Motor Pool


When two principals tried unsuccessfully to study the conversion to charter idea and inform their faculty, MDPS officials implanted themselves at the at Neva King Cooper, to discourage a groundswell of support. Then Principals themselves sought to call the vote and were threatened with accusations of insubordination. As district officials showed up and embedded themselves at the school as watch dogs, parents lost faith in the process and no vote was held. Officials intimidated teachers and sent those staff members to demoted positions at Miami-Dade Parts Department for the bus fleet and another Principal was sent to maintenance department of the motor pool. These Principals dare think they could better manage the finances by converting the School to a Charter School.

Both Principals with doctorate degrees in Special Education, were suspended initially, then demoted with pay, to the motor pool parts department and the County's Motor Pool as drivers. This decision was made by several Assistant Superintendents at MDPS after depositions were taken by state investigators. Florida Inspector General Report later determined that MDPS was guilty of intimidation of the Principles and two years later the Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge came to the same conclusion. (One of most egregious intimidators was a Assistant Superintendent who was a Principal of the Key Biscayne K-8 Center). These strong arm tactics sent a clear message to all County School staff seeking to convert a District run School. Do it, and suffer humiliation and disrespect.

This culture in the Public School hierarchy, is unlikely to unite disgruntled Parents and complacent Teachers to reinvent the Public School System. The intimidation machine at the District, will protect its Billion Dollar Budget which includes higher paid District Officials, and plenty of taxpayer money to pay legal damages to Teachers if courts find culpability. In the Neva King Cooper case the Florida Inspector General Report determined that the MDPS Administration intimidated the Principals by suspending them and demoting to menial jobs for insubordination. A Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge also came to the same conclusion. To make matters worse, PTA Parents who may or may not mean well, will sabotage such efforts on the basis that they do not trust other Parent's intellect to serve on Governing Boards. After all, most Parents are led by the nose while ignoring classroom overcrowding, dilapidation, and continue to support General Revenue Bond referendums on Election Day.

In the vacuum, Parent Teachers Association (PTA) plays an integral role to make up for Budget shortfalls with robust fund-raising Campaigns. This Association also serves as watchdogs over disgruntled Parents who may going rouge.  If you are a forward thinking mature Parent, you will want to change this paradigm. The passage of the Governing School Act as written below, then passing it in all [50] fifty States is job number one.


Do not wait a day next week or a day next month, or a month next year, reinvent today.


                                                                                                                           - MacontheRock 


PTA organizations are infamous at taking Parent's kindness for weakness by swindling them into thinking the School is running a deficit. Parents are pressured for donations for arts & craft supplies, audio-visual equipment, and for paper and pencils while surpluses are siphoned to low performing Schools in the inner City that never improve. This is legal theft of the taxpayer. The Statist enigma in full view. As long as these methods are 'acceptable behavior', there is no chance to reform the Public School System. "Reform" is School Board Commissioners favorite word. This Public policy lexicon is synonymous with "more money" for Education and Teachers salaries. In their World, Education's is the failure of dysfunctional families. Politicians will answer this call to appease Teachers Unions to win the next reelection. Meanwhile nothing improves. The State Department and Federal Departments of Education will continue to misspend the money entrusted to them on curriculum testing, like Common Core not School buildings or facilities. The top down Federal funding dynamic to State allocation has no accountability. This School District funding mechanism is the most disguised redistribution of wealth in American governance, nothing more and nothing less.

The Conventional Charter School Movement is a slow boat to China while a INDIA and CHINA Graduate One Million Engineers yearly
Watching America continuing to fall behind the rest of the industrialized World should not be taken lightly. Foreign Students mostly from India and Asia have replaced 25-40% of American High School graduates at American Universities. Foreign Students received 50% of the applied for Science Scholarships to American Universities. Most graduates from India and China cannot find work available at home. Where do you think they are applying for High Tech jobs? American Companies abroad or in The United States. Many of these Foreign students are qualifying for most of American University Scholarships at the Graduate and Doctoral level as well in other Sciences in American Universities. Then they sent home to compete against the Unites States in a global economy.
Meanwhile American High School graduates are failing to pass Community College level courses or dropping out of College altogether. The remainder of High School graduates cannot afford or consider to go to College in order to work full time in low paying blue collar jobs. It explains why most of everything we consume, including the novelties like Apple Computers, iPhones and Microsoft products are made in China.
The question going forward is "How quickly can we transform, not reform"?  The politically correct Charter School movement is only growing at the pace of overcrowding. School District will appear to be cooperating with the school choice proponents for this reason. But it will not tolerate to replacement of how public schools are managed nationwide. It has taken 25 years to recruit 10% of the Public School Student Body enrollment in throughout the United States. This math equates to 125 years to enroll 50% of the Student Body. The rest will continue to be ill prepared to hold a job. Dropping out of School altogether is the new normal. Time is of the essence as China India graduate one million engineers annually.
The vortex of new ideas for education requires parents at the helm. Modernizing our Schools on the backs of property owners coerced by the the will of the at large voter of renters is institutional theft by socialism.  The present Parent Empowerment Law states that converted schools do not pay rent to the District to operate the governing school. Also beneficial to the Management is the direct student dollar is received directly from the Board of Education not the School Board of County Commissioners. This freedom allows a Parental Governing Board to pinpoint procurement inefficiencies, and excesses either by unnecessary acquisitions or duplication will remedy the opportunity retain budget surplus annually. This surplus will be reinvested back into the School for its expansion. Governing Schools showing surpluses year after year are more likely to receive Corporate sponsors from the local employers, philanthropists or from the area's largest companies like Universities.
The 'magic bullet' is the surplus in individual schools while shrinking the size of the inventory School District actually manage. This will make District more efficient and more effective to the Students.
Governing School Board members are elected by parents so while their Children are attending the respective school."


This school model facilitates Corporate Trusts and Corporation incentive to sponsor Governing Schools in exchange for tracking student achievement and job placement after graduation for high school. Especially if the school is establish with a particular trade. This affords the sponsor handing out Scholarships. This will lead to future job placement for Internships in particular Industries. This also facilitates a young person to define his or her career interests earlier in life. The alternative is the status quo, the American Daydream of the 20th Century. We TheFiscals understand that when creativity in Education is lost, there is nothing for happiness to follow.

What is essential in life, is to grow up and reinvent all things. The ability to make mistakes and to redeem oneself is the real pursuit of happiness.  As we all become better individuals, as all good things and bad are temporary but welcomed with zeal. This aptitude requires maturity, wisdom and a positive outlook to ultimately achieve your private victory. This is the challenge of the human experience. Stay free, do better as a Country or perish as a Superpower. TheFiscals contend that if this system of mind control of the uneducated continues in the United States, we will go down in history as the first Free People to vote ourselves out of existence.