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TheFiscals believe that the dividing of marital assets and standard calculations for child support cannot be punitive towards the breadwinner to the benefit of the non-breadwinner.
This financial support must be assessed based on standard lifestyle costs for rearing children at the time of the divorce. It can not be based on the breadwinner's income. If the non-breadwinner is initiating the divorce action, marital assets are divided in the same ratio as they were accumulated. Any other financial formula based on income disparity between separating spouses only gives the incentive to divorce. The evidence is clear the American home is a Fatherless home and is a lesser society as a result.
Adultery and infidelities are sins not crimes. The Family Court Judge shouldn't care who had a affair. It is the Court's responsibility to keep the Family Assets whole to the benefit of the Children of the marriage. The Court's failure to make this the top priority for Society has increased Government dependency and promulgated the growth in out of wedlock birth rates. Illegitimate births have risen to the levels where the majority of newborns in the United States are outside of marriage. It is, therefore, incumbent for a petitioner of divorce to show verifiable proof of their spouse's physical intimacy outside of the marriage to establish once substantiated by testimony, the offending spouse must leave the marital home during the divorce proceedings.  
It is an obligation of the Family Court to minimize the breadwinner's liability to the detriment of the surviving children of the divorced. Minimizing excessive alimony and unaccountable child support expenditures are not in Society's best interest to reduce the likelihood that government will be burdened. The possibility or absolute likelihood Government subsistence will be a necessity, is the principle priority of the family court. This Divorce Accountability Pact is paramount to the reinvention of the American marriage.
In the case of Domestic Violence in the home
Any of the two spouses who has committed verifiable acts of domestic violence, Child endangerment, or suffers from drug abuse, adjudicated by the Courts, requires the offending spouse to relinquish sole custody rights of the Children; period. If the petitioner does not have proof of any of the above offenses but feels threatened, he or she must post an 'abuse affidavit' within (7) days of the offense in Family Court within the jurisdiction of the marital home.
In such cases, the petitioner may elect to leave the marital residence with the minor children without prejudice. The separating parties must remain in separate residential dwelling throughout the divorce proceedings, mediations or hearings. The Family Court automatically grants a divorce and parties are obligated to the separation of marital assets and custody of the Children as follows:
A. If any Spouse who has an addiction to drugs detrimental to the Family finances must be proved in Family Court proceedings. Medical records or evidence of debts by the perpetrator of domestic violence my substantiated. Law enforcement reports documenting offending spouse offenses is the determining factor to move out of the dwelling with or without force within 30 days of petitioners filing for divorce. The spouse guilty of these violent afflictions or addictions relinquishes 80% of the sale proceeds of the marital residence. The addicted or offending spouse also relinquishes any claim to custody of the Children. The addicts 20% share of marital assets will go towards pay for room and board at rehabilitaion facility. Once clinically clean, substantiated by professional opinions, the offending spouse keeps the remaining balance.
B. Any incidence of physical abuse of a spouse documented by swelling or bleeding, the offender's assets is to be frozen by Family Court order upon the first arrest. If the victim of the abuse presses charges and the offending spouse is found guilty, the offender loses all rights to the marital home upon its sale. The value and appreciation of remaining assets are to be divided as follows:
80% to the benefit of the victim and 20% to the interest of the offender. The offender's 20% is to pay for mandatory rehabilitation and counseling. The victim has (3) three months to file for divorce on these grounds. The offender relinquishes their claim to custody of their minor Children if the Court rules in favor of the victim.
C. Alimony applies only to marriages in a single income home lasting longer than 20 years. If the sole breadwinner during the 20 years is determined to have earned more than 60% of the total income during the duration of the marriage, the alimony payment is 15% of their present net salary at the time of the divorce filing.  The non-breadwinner must seek employment unless the spouse is 65 years or older.
Note: exceptions to an increase in alimony is at the Family Court Judge's sole discretion if the non-breadwinner is diagnosed with a disease or physically or emotionally disabled as a result the bodily or mental abuse as per clause (B).

D. Malfeasance of marital assets, a gambling addiction, or dishonest, unethical, criminal dealings during the marriage that encumber assets in the form of Tax Liens or Bank forfeiture, or criminal Court order that leads to incarceration, the addict or convict relinquishes claim to custody of their minor Children forever. The offending spouse must move out of the marital home in 30 days and forfeits 100% remaining of all marital assets.

Divorce Court Board of Trustees

E. Child support is based on a standard table cost of living for a Child at the time of the dissolution of marriage, regardless of the present lifestyle of the parties. Calculations are not to be based on a percentage of the higher income earner in the household. Instead a standard Child support calculation based on a "Child support index". The index will be updated by Divorce Marriage Fee Board of Trustees. ('The Fee Board') will meet every ten years. The Board consists of five retired Family Court Judges appointed by the Governor. They will consider the educational needs of the minor and teenage children and the present expenses for basic Health Care, food, shelter and CPI index at current time to determine a baseline for child support or child. These board members will be term-limited.

Note:    1. The residential Parent who receives Child support payments by the Family Clearinghouse must demonstrate responsibility and will be held accountable to administer Child support monies. The petitioner can be audited by the non-residential Parent paying Child support at any time. Any substantiated proof of malfeasances such as monthly overdraft checks or Court mandated bad check program constitutes the trigger for an audit of Child support expenditures. This is to include credit card fraud or declared insolvent by Family Court.

                2. Any of the above malfeasances are grounds for revocation of Child support privileges. Any mediated settlement agreement or dissolution of marriage agreement are null and void.  Custody of Children reverts to non-residential Parent and Child support reverts to the same. A new custodian or guardian-ad-litem will be assigned by the Family Court at this time if the non-residential parent is not identified or available.

Child Support Clearinghouse

F. The existing Central Depository is reinvented as a Child support clearinghouse for families of the divorced. Third party payments as well Child support will be deposited at the Clearing House either voluntarily or via an Employer. Third party payments include but are not limited to tuition for private School in primary or secondary School, Trade School, Vocational School and College. The Central Clearinghouse will also disburse all payments for Health insurance premiums for health or psychiatric counseling or other interdictions on behalf of children and children with special needs.

G. The Prenuptial questionnaire must be completed as a mandatory requirement for a marriage license. This will be the primary qualification for opening an account in the Child Support Clearinghouse if divorce occurs.  Other considerations by the Court: Parents that can financially support the larger home with the most bedrooms is granted custody of minor Children. Non-residential Parent gets a per diem deduction in Child support for some visitation days and sleepovers he or she participates in. The more days the non-residential Parent spends with his/her Children, the less that Parent pays in monthly child support to the Clearinghouse. If any Parent relinquishes his/her Parental visitation rights, then Child support increases per diem. These factors are calculated on a yearly basis and cannot be altered without a Family Court Order. This agreement may also include extracurricular activities and may be adjusted as the Child's interests change. All payments are to be made at a specific date for each criteria and are established by Court order after mediation fails to get consensus from the parties.

Out of Wedlock Children's Rights

H. 1. If the right to an abortion is the sole right of the female, the use of contraceptives is also her sole responsibility. The biological Father of Children born out wedlock may be granted custody if the alleged Father submits to DNA paternity testing voluntarily. He must file for custody of the unborn love Child.

   2. If the man is confirmed as the biological Father, he must claim his parental rights to the Family Court within 30 days of the DNA results. If he knowingly does not file within this window, he relinquishes custody rights after that. It is at the Mother's sole discretion to decide to give birth within 12 weeks of fetal development in the womb. If the Father relinquishes his parental rights in writing, he will pay a higher child support payment. A standard table will be determined by a Divorce marriage Fee Board of Trustees. This standard is measured based on the age of the child and determination of any disabilities. CPI increases as the child ages. This support is irrespective of the Father's income. In these circumstances, the Father will have visitation determined by the Court or mother consent in writing. If he wants to exercise his parental rights, the per diem benefits apply as per clause [E].

Clause A- G above must be agreed upon in writing in the pre and post marriage accountability pact.


Note: Cost for the DNA  paternity tests is to be paid by the Mother if proven to be negative to the Father if proven to be positive.