The Grand Party Mission Statement:






We TheFiscals, believe in empowering the American People to reinvent the United States and  the American family with bold novel ideas by affecting new paradigms not the effect of reform. These reinventions are ideas from outside a bigger box on the right side of history. We seek to instill creativity in government officials, that obligates them to use imagination and innovation to solve the riddle of government malignancy and pillage of taxpayers. The public institution they represent must adhere to the demands of the American people who desire the pursuit of upper mobility to pass on the good fortune to their children.  
TheFiscals seek to inspire a life of self-actualization, self-assurance, self-reliance, and self-employment. This political environment requires government culture to be accustomed to being a partner in our endeavors and our enterprise. It must provide modern public infrastructure, clean water systems, a constitutional conservative court of justices, with a mobile military to defend us against all enemies of liberty and tranquility; nothing more and nothing less.
We believe in setting the standard for the reinvention of legislation by repealing existing ineffectual rules of law, rather than reforming them with amendments and regulations. TheFiscals reiterate the paramount belief that upper mobility is the obligation of a free People. Its tax laws must minimize the obstacles for future generations to not depend on welfare at the taxpayer's expense. All work is private property once earned to be utilized towards providing a higher quality of life to our descendants through 100% tax-free inheritance. 
Subsidized poverty was never intended to be a right. Yet free speech is. This requires the right to offend all those who do not believe in plausibility, viability, creativity, and sustainability of a private citizen without government coercion. To overcome adversity without overzealous bureaucrats and statist politicians stealing from the righteous to coddle and spoil the under-skilled or ignorant is not benevolent. The intellectual desire to achieve self-reliance and to teach others to do the same is. Any philosophy to the contrary for society is politically bipolar. As such, TheFiscals seek to eliminate thieves and liars via the ballot box, all those who think otherwise.
Four things that are intolerable, three things cause the earth to tremble, even four it cannot bear up under:

a slave when he becomes king, a godless fool when he is filled with food, a woman who is unloved when she gets married, a maid when she replaces her mistress

Four things on earth that are small, yet they are very wise:
                                  Ants are not a strong species,
                                  Yet they store their food in the summer.
                                  Rock Badgers are not mighty species,
                                  Yet they make their home in the rocks.
                                  Locust have no King, 
                                 Yet all them divide into swarms by instinct.
                                 A lizard you can hold in your hands, 
                                 Yet it can even be found in royal places.
There are three Things that walk with dignity, even four that march with dignity:
                                A lion, mightiest among animals, which turns away from nothing,
                                A strutting rooster,
                                A male goat,
                                A king at the head of his army.
If you are such a godless fool as to honor yourself,
                                or if you scheme,
                                you had better put your hand over your mouth.
                                As churning milk produces butter
                                and punching a nose produces blood,
                                so stirring up anger produces a fight.
                                                       -The Book of Proverbs 30:  21-35