The Fiscals, Great Wall of Will

Family Failure Pacts - The Failed History of No-Fault Divorce of 1969

Opinions vary as to the precise origins of the No-Fault Divorce Law. In the United States, it was the crowning achievement of the Feminist Movement. The principal advocacy group for 'No-Fault Divorce" was the National Association of Women Lawyers as stated in a white paper published in 1948. It was first passed in the California Legislature twenty-one years later and signed into Law by Governor Ronald Reagan. As President Ronald Reagan would admit decades later, signing that Law was the biggest Political mistake of his life. No-Fault Divorce did not reduce Perjury in Family Court proceedings as professed by its advocates. It was not a legitimate premise to write such a Law in the first place. The Family Act of 1969 only succeeded in giving financial incentive to the non-breadwinner to initiate divorce for financial gain. It explains how such a Law could be disguised as "The Family Act" while duplicitous in promoting Family disintegration.

The Statists quickly formed coalitions of like-minded Liberals to formulate a Public Relations campaign to market gender equality in the home. As the law passed in (49) forty-nine of the (50) fifty States since 1970, the economic fallout of Middle-Class breadwinner and the income disparity of all social classes began to widen. Middle-Class buying power also began to decrease as single-parent households could not sustain itself without two breadwinners. 

If you are for the status quo of continuing to decimate the economic viability of the Middle Class, No-Fault Divorce Law is as American as apple pie. For a Statist Feminist, it was the most punitive method to compensate the non-breadwinner for marital infidelity and abuse of a Spouse. The idea of awarding monetary compensation of the marital home premised on the continuation of the quality of life for children of divorce as well as splitting pecuniary assets to the non-breadwinner post-divorce is in actuality redistribution of wealth pure and straightforward. This garnishment of the breadwinner's assets has decimated the American Nuclear Family. Unfortunately, the theory of reducing perjury in Family Court as the primary motive for the Law does not hold true.

It should be no surprise to discover that No-Fault Divorce was first instituted in Communist Countries at the very onset of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. The new Communist Government's proclamation on the Family was made by Vladimir Lenin himself in a decree that year. The manifestation of these theories on Marriage was philosophically made by an unemployed derelict and intellectual brethren, Friedrich Engel's published manifesto. The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State in 1884. It disposed of the male domination in Russian Family life and replaced it with legal parameters to create a classless Society. Vital to this exercise is the repossession of the marital asset, "the home" as it became a ward of the State post-divorce.

 "America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is threefold: its Patriotism, its Morality, and its Spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

-Joseph Stalin

Can anyone debate that American Society has become more secular since 1969? Statistics today demonstrate that the 'No Fault Divorce Law" in all [50] the Fifty States has the American Nuclear Family broken perpetually. This disintegration of the social fabric is vivid in one statistic alone: out of wedlock birth in America is at 45.3% and rising. This fact mirrors that of most of Western Europe and the former Soviet States. Out of wedlock births rates in Europe are as follows: 

43.7% in the UK 

60% in Norway

60.5% in Denmark

61% in France

62% in Iceland

70% in Finland

The European Family ancestry looks more like a litter of Dogs or Cats than a typical Family tree. The United States is experiencing the evidence that Socialism and the high tax culture it professes to fund entitlement programs of the hapless will split us asunder. Here is no clearer evidence that Liberalism is a Politically Bipolar philosophy when it reduces the size of the self-reliant, either lowering its birth rate or by decimating it economically. Once the socio-political mentality of replacing religion with Government statism is in the mind of constituents, like a computer virus scratching the emotional hard drive; the epidemic is called the Progressivirus in America. This is what Progressivirus looks like in Europe. The following European leaders have no children:

French President, Emmanuel Macron,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

British Prime Minister, Theresa May

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

Holland Prime Minister, Mark Rutte,

Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Latvia President Raimonds Vējonis

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė

Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

Western European government leaders cannot encourage larger families to protect western values and customs, going forward. Europeans culture will cease to exist because Muslim immigration alternatives have no viable interest in assimilation in free continent based in Christianity and the sacrament of marriage for their descendants for these leaders have no lineage of their own. The real innate desire to leave a legacy to the next generation is to have raised children.  

In this Socio-Economic-Political environment, that experiences a Super Majority Party of the less educated, and the most productive affluent will continue to have fewer Children. While the low skilled Immigrant and Minorities with no assets or financial resources will continue to depend on Government subsidies in increasing numbers while having more Children out of wedlock. This mathematical dynamic is consistent with the European Societies with similar Divorce Laws and a single-payer National Health Care System. What motivation is there to remain employed? Those who have a job will retire later because of the high tax culture and those without a job will not find one because their Health Care and their Children's Health Care are assured. The high unemployment rate amongst the youth under 30 in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy is commonplace. All Eastern Bloc States of the Soviet Union experience 50% or higher youth unemployment. The European out wedlock phenomenon has no discernable of Family lineage within the population creating unobtainable DNA strands. These lack of linkages are necessary for modern Preventive Medicine. Is this not what single payer healthcare aimed to achieve? Is this where we want America to go?

Is this where we want America to go as a society? Are we going to revert to the age of Utilitarianism or perhaps Feudalism?

Out of wedlock births contributed to over [4] four million School-aged Children becoming homeless. As this continues, unabated by the Political cowardice of both Political Parties, Statists will continue to use it as a Political tool that Conservative male chauvinists use as an attack on women. The Marriage Covenant used to be the bedrock of the American fabric, today it is the State. In Europe, 60-70% of parents are unmarried. Most prefer just to live a life of cohabiting with Children. This profound Social declination of Spirituality, Culture, and Finance is stagnating the upward mobility of millions of People in the Western World, procuring negative birthrates in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece. The United States for the first time in History falls below (2) two persons per fertile female for the first time in our Nation's History.

Todays Divorce Laws must be reinvented by granting Divorce automatically without fanfare or dispute. Division of Marital assets, and determining Child support, should be based on a Child rearing accountability standard, not the superior breadwinner's income. If not, it will continue to have a primary negative Economic Impact on Children of the divorced. The decline of the American Family is not just measured by Economics. Society has suffered morally and intellectually as Children of divorce become single Parents themselves. Most often, what triggers the separation of the Family, is not a claim of marital infidelity, but rather irreconcilable differences typically pertaining to the financial irresponsibility of one of the Spouses. The Statist Feminists cannot deny the allegation that the original premise was to reduce perjury in the Family, but out of financial strain and lack of Spirituality and a sense of purpose. Feminists cannot claim that no-fault divorce is written in such a way as to decrease the likelihood that the Children of divorce would not end up as Wards of the State. This is far worse today when they are parentless, penniless and homeless.

" The only accomplishment of the 1960s feminist movement is a middle-class society of renters, kangaroo moms, homeless children, fatherless homes all told make single women miserable. Ladies, life is about choices, not lessons. The lessons lie in the irony and God-incidence of our repetitive choices."